DuoKey, Saporo, Tune Insight and Yokoy pitch to Digital Circle CIOs

After a Digital Meet-up held online in June 2021, these meetings between Digital Circle CIOs and promising start-ups returned to their usual format. That is to say face to face and alternate the seriousness of the pitches with a moment of sharing in complete relaxation. On Thursday, March 24, the meeting took place in a decorative setting that gives pride of place to superheroes: the Gotham du Flon coworking space in Lausanne. IT managers and circle partners EY and AWK carefully followed the presentations of the four young Swiss start-ups with whom they had previously spoken at a cocktail reception. In addition to detecting interesting solutions for their company, CIOs will also need to evaluate start-ups-DuoKey, Saporo, Tune Insight and Yokoy-for the Digital Award award, which will be featured in a special event on June 9th.

DuoKey: data encryption in distributed and multicloud modes

The first start-up to present itself in the Digital Circle, DuoKey secures data as part of a Key Management as a Service (KMaaS) offer. Its solution encrypts data in distributed and multicloud modes, using multiparty computing (MPC) algorithms. The keys are divided into several parts that are then stored in several clouds. Founded in 2020 by Nagib Aouini, the Vaud-based start-up began in 2021, primarily thanks to a contract with a major automotive group. The founder and CEO is working on a 900% increase in revenue by 2022. Challenged by the IT managers present, Nagib Aouini specifically explained that the DuoKey system is almost impossible to hack, the components of the encryption keys being scattered in various clouds underlying. a rotation every five minutes (also read our interview with the CEO of DuoKey).

Nagib Aouini, founder and CEO of DuoKey. (Photo: ICTjournal)

Saporo: in-depth examination of attack surfaces

Saporo co-founder and CEO, Olivier Eyries showcased the cyber-resistance technology envisioned by his Lausanne-based start-up. Based on AI and graph theory, Saporo’s solution deeply maps the attack surface of Active Directory and Azure AD (AWS, Google Cloud and Okta will soon be supported). The CEO promotes his offer by presenting it as a continuous auditing tool, providing a risk score for each attack surface consisting of multiple correlations of a single type configuration. Active Directory. After pointing out that Saporo helps prevent ransomware attacks by detecting and configuring the attack paths that pose the greatest risk, the CEO highlighted the ease of installation and speed of evaluation of the solution. (five minutes for 20,000 items).

Olivier Eyrie, co-founder and CEO of Saporo. (Source: ICTjournal)

Tune Insight: Multi-Party Homomorphic Encryption-Based Confidential Computing

From the EPFL Data Security Laboratory, Tune Insight is still in the early stages of its development compared to other start-ups invited to this Meet-up. Co-founder and CEO Juan Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza, however, was easily able to arouse Digital Circle’s interest by disclosing the start-up’s confidential computing technology. The Tune Insight platform is based on the concept of multi-party homomorphic encryption, to allow organizations to share securely, without them being exposed to other stakeholders, thus guaranteeing confidentiality and compliance with regulatory barriers. The CEO is committed to presenting an operational use case, which allows Swiss hospitals to share sensitive clinical data for review in the context of their research.

Juan Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza, co-founder and CEO of Tune Insight. (Photo: ICTjournal)

Yokoy: automatic cost management

To replace the two colleagues at short notice, Michele Aggiato, Head Brand & Content at Yokoy, summarizes the success story of the young Zurich company and demonstrates the benefits of its cost management solutions. Founded in 2019 and first called Expense Robot, this fintech has just raised $ 80 million – added to the $ 26 million raised last fall – and is growing rapidly. Also present in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, Yokoy already employs more than 100 employees and has passed the mark of 500 client companies. Developed using a mobile-first approach but also available on the desktop, Yokoy’s applications are available in three main modules: expense report management, supplier invoice management and payment card integration. Powered by AI, the expense report app can scan and identify information from any receipt. The tool notably manages currency and VAT conversions. Viewers enjoyed the presentation and some regretted that Yokoy had no offers aimed at small businesses.

Michele Aggiato, Head Brand and Content at Yokoy. (Photo: ICTjournal)

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