5 tips for overcoming inflation from the blogger behind Living on Less

It is not easy to curb the inflation that is felt in our smallest daily expenses. Blogger Vicky Payeur, behind the Living with less blog, is well aware of this, and shares with us 5 simple and accessible tips to beat inflation every day.

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Stick to a grocery store

It can be tempting to visit a few grocery stores to take advantage of the sales on each offer, but you should avoid doing so at all costs, says Vicky Payeur.

“By going with several banners, it increases the chances of making spontaneous purchases because different businesses don’t necessarily all have the same products,” he warns. The bill can go up quickly by adding one, two or even three products that are not on our list, even if they are special.

Discounts are cyclical, the blogger recalls. A product sold at a regular price or sold at a grocery store that you don’t plan to visit today will go on sale in one, two or three weeks.

Optimize your trips

If that’s true for groceries, it’s true for all trips. The author of the book as well Living less: to make room for the essentials always optimizes his car trips by doing all his tasks at the same time and, as much as possible, in the same place to reduce unnecessary use of his vehicle.

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And, when weather permits, he prefers cycling or walking. And for residents of major centers, public transportation is quite practical for the rainy season or winter.

By taking these tips, Vicky Payeur estimates that it only costs her $ 40 in gas per month!

Consult the circulars and take inspiration from them

Yes, flyers remain “an essential tool for taking advantage of the best promotions,” the blogger said.

“Each week, I review different flyers. I look at what the prices are from one place to another and I evaluate which grocery store is the most worthwhile that week according to my eating habits, ”he continues.

5 tips for overcoming inflation from the blogger behind Living on Less

But don’t worry if you don’t receive Publisac: you can refer to the circulars of all businesses in the province. Apps like FoodHero or Flashfood, which let you buy foods that are about to expire on clearance, can also be useful.

The idea is to buy as many products as possible on sale. Vicky Payeur also bases her weekly menu on specials, which helps her reduce her grocery charges.

“If broccoli is special, one day I will make broccoli soup, then I will cook tofu or beef and Asian broccoli stir-fry. I was really inspired by the circular prices to build my menu”, she illustrates.

Reduce food waste

One family wastes nearly $ 1,100 worth of food each year, according to Recyc-Québec. “It’s insane! It represents a great summer vacation, for example. Therefore, food waste should be reduced as much as possible,” Vicky Payeur said furiously.

Once the food is sold, therefore, it must be managed at home. The blogger achieves this simply by cooking with the food in his hand. Missing an ingredient for a recipe? No question to go out to buy it! Instead, he prefers to think about an alternative, or even type into a search engine: “How to replace the X ingredient”.

“When you throw food in the trash, you have to remember that money is what you throw directly in the trash,” she notes.

Change your perspective on spending

This may seem like a lofty deception, but it’s just about thinking to spend on alternatives for what you want to buy.

Vicky Payeur uses the example of a bicycle to illustrate this advice: you can buy a super sophisticated new racing bike for $ 5,000, or you can get a more entry-level one for $ 500. But the second-hand bikes found in Kijiji and this world’s Marketplace can do the trick very well, he says.

And for dinner with friends, instead of spending $ 100 of your budget on a restaurant outing, why not choose potluck, where everyone brings a dish to share? “The cost of the gang is about $ 100 more than each person present,” he said.

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Moreover, board game evenings, walks in town or walks on a trail are other ways to spend quality time without spending even a cent.

“I still continue to have a social life and go out, but than doing a hobby that will be paid, we choose a free activity. There is always a way to continue living normally while reducing costs, ”the blogger explains.

In all of this, the recipe for success for Vicky Payeur, which allows her to assert that inflation has had little effect on her portfolio, consists in living below her income (and applying the advice that given here!).

“By buying fewer products and services, it reduces the chances of paying more in relation to price increases,” he summarizes.


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