Testimonial | In Hollywood, everything is fake!

For their 94at ceremony and after two years of pandemic, the Oscars will finally be wearing their clothes. As a little girl, I asked my father to record the ceremonies and replay loud, funny, touching moments over and over on VHS tape. I dreamed of these stars with big roles, their elegance in beautiful clothes, their magical lives …

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Julie du Page

Julie du Page
Actress, columnist, host and blogger

A few years later, this passion for the Oscars and Hollywood led me to consult several books on the subject. Behind the sequins, there was a very sad retreat, and it was after reading these works that I began to see things more clearly.

More than all the three years I spent in Los Angeles have ruined the image I have here. My absolute obsession was gone. Despite everything, I didn’t miss this big glamorous night, even though I knew everything was artificial, fictional and superficial. In Hollywood, everything is wrong.

Ever since a long time

Behind the “glitz and the glam”, the studios of the golden age of Hollywood controlled everything, especially the future stars, who were willing to do anything, even sell their souls to the devil to shine and “grow ito “.

Draconian contracts prevented employment elsewhere for several years. A star has a virtual obligation to accept roles offered under the threat of ruining his career. This is the particular case of Bette Davis, who was suspended by Warner Brothers.

Studios have full power to impose a new name on aspiring starlets, like Marilyn Monroe, to change the look or tone of voice. Lauren Bacall developed a deep and frightening voice to stand up. A weight maintenance clause is also included in the contracts.

We create from scratch an image that is often limited to women in the “female neighbor” or “the sex bomb”, and usually invent a more glamorous, even melodramatic past.

This intrusion even extends to romances or arranged marriages to promote films and careers.

Jean Harlow’s contract with MGM includes a character clause that prevents her from marrying so as not to tarnish her image as a formidable seductress. After her wedding in 1941, Judy Garland was denied a honeymoon because the studio did not approve her union.

Penalties exist if an actress becomes pregnant. Some have paid the price, as Ava Gardner mentioned in her biography, preferring abortion over the anger of producers.

When a star was gone, we didn’t hesitate to launch the worst destructive gossip about him to remove him or deliberately put him on one side, for him to play with the turnips.

unhealthy use

My years in Los Angeles consisted of encounters and situations that were both fun and intoxicating, unusual, but often difficult and frustrating.

I attended meetings where my managers spoke without complexity about the possibility of “matching” me to speed up the train. My personal situation doesn’t matter. My then lover, a young director and screenwriter, was unknown and “bankable”. I had to invent another story. I prefer to stay away from this unhealthy stuff.

When I see Jennifer Lopez leave her ex and find herself three minutes later in someone else’s arm, I think of the purpose of public relations groups that, I think, remains unchanged, if we are in 1940 or in 2022. On the eve of a film release, “adjustments” were in order.

What is most striking in Hollywood is the boundless admiration for money, success and fascination all shines.

The “star system” is lurking in the Hollywood microcosm. Whether you are a dentist, a gardener, a teacher, a restaurant owner or a waiter, everyone aspires to the privileged status of a star. Discussions revolve quickly and are often on the verge of interstellar emptiness.

You need to always be alert. Any encounter can be an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Human relationships are interested, everyone sees the other in the interest he or she can arouse. Friendship is preceded by determination.

I was left with a lack of authenticity and a sense of excessive opportunism that I didn’t want to have.

Except for the wrong reasons, the last Oscar ceremony will not go down in history.

The brighter part of this ceremony (among others, seeing us shining, Denis Villeneuve, Patrice Vermette, Roger Frappier) was marred by Will Smith’s unacceptable act: a violent, inappropriate, no class action, which Chris Rock’s idiotic words didn’t do. justify.

I can only doubt the sincerity of Will Smith in his acceptance speech, in his tears, in his feelings, in his calling on God and love …

Because in Hollywood, it’s all about people’s perspectives … and the PR person.

Everything is fake, even the reasons?

His next film, if any, will be called “La loi du talion”.

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