Sony will test the Xbox Game Pass with the new PlayStation Plus and up to 700 games are included

Sony is taking another (giant) step towards the concept of subscription gaming, by adjusting its PlayStation Plus offering from top to bottom to include multiple levels, accessing a catalog of games and even game streaming by suction from PS Now.

Sony has announced-finally-its response to Microsoft’s Game Pass, by announcing a major overhaul of its PlayStation Plus offer, which will now include the PlayStation Now cloud gaming service. Until now, PlayStation Plus subscribers were offered monthly games and perks, whether they were on PS4 or PS5. Additionally, those who want to subscribe to PS Now include its catalog of hundreds of PS2, PS3 and PS4 games available on demand. From June, three “unified” subscription plans will be offered and some will include a large number of games, downloadable or playable directly in streaming.

The first formula, the cheapest, will take advantage of the current PlayStation Plus. Called the PlayStation Plus Essential, it will charge € 8.99 per month, € 24.99 per quarter or € 59.99 per year, giving access to two games to be downloaded per month, exclusive deductions, online storage of payments. its save and online multiplayer features. No changes will be reported, therefore, for current PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The second formula, called the PlayStation Plus Extra, offered at prices of € 13.99 per month, € 39.99 per quarter or € 99.99 per year, will include all the advantages of the “Essential” level, adding access to a catalog of approximately 400 games from the PS4 and PS5 catalogs, “including hits from the PlayStation Studios catalog“, refers to Sony, which added that these games can be downloaded for offline access. It is therefore not cloud gaming.

Finally, the third and final formula called PlayStation Plus Premium, which is charged at € 16.99 per month, € 49.99 per quarter or € 119.99 per year, will take all the elements of the “Essential” and “Extra” levels to by adding approximately 340 additional games, to cloud gaming for PS3 titles and to download or cloud gaming for PS, PS2 and PSP games. Another advantage: all games included in the Extra formula are played here streaming from PS4, PS5 or PC. Finally, Premium subscribers will also have the privilege to access limited time trial versions of certain games.

Recent AAA games, but not once they are released

When the service launches, we plan to include games such as Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Returnal. We work closely with creative developers at PlayStation Studios and our third-party partners to incorporate some of the best gaming experiences, along with an ever-expanding library“says Sony, which knows that in order to be attractive, its new subscription formulas on the PlayStation Plus will definitely need to include old games with strong reputations, but also offer enough recent games We saw this with the Xbox Game Pass, the inclusion of big The Games from the day of release has boosted interest in Microsoft’s subscription service.

That being said, it is necessary to judge on the spot. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan just told “[En ce qui concerne] integrating our own games into this service or into any of our services to release them … As you know, that’s not the route we’ve taken in the past. And that is not the path we will take with this new service. We believe that if we do this in the games we make at PlayStation Studios, the virtuous cycle will be broken. The level of investment we need in our studios will not be possible, and we believe that doing so will have a bad snowball effect on the quality of the games we make, which gamers don’t like.“.

Logically, Sony has also confirmed that the launch of this new version of PlayStation Plus will immediately mark the loss of PlayStation Now, with subscribers automatically switching to a PlayStation Plus Premium formula ”at no additional cost“.

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