Skills to be developed during an internship/work-study program

In addition to diplomas and professional experience gained in large or small structures, recruiters favor personality candidates. But who said personality speaks to human characteristics! So what are companies looking for in young candidates? Here are the skills available or to consolidate during your various business immersions.

1. team spirit

Recruiters expect young graduates Unity. Why? The majority of profiles are useful in the development of a company. “Working together guarantees greater success,” said Jean-Paul Brunier, President of advertising agency Leo Burnett France. On your side, this is also the possibility of combine better and thrive on your work.

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2. Flexibility

Employers especially value theflexibility. This personal quality represents a reasons for recruitment for 61% French recruiters were interviewed in a LinkedIn* study about job access for young graduates.

And for good reason, adapting to all circumstances is more than necessary in an environment eternal motion ! Strategies and technologies are changing: you need to “be flexible to the ever-changing changes that govern the communications sector, especially with the rise of digital in the strategic development of brands”, explains Jean-Paul Brunier. It is important to know how to ask yourself questions and be open to learning every day.

3. Sense of organization

Forget studies that show being messy is a sign of creativity! This quality is often mentioned in job offers. Consecutive meetings, files to be handled urgently … professional life is full of unexpected events. Also, in order not to show yourself to be overtaken by events, it is better master your timing and perform the tasks entrusted to you with rigor and professionalism to leave some free time to manage unexpected files.

4. Creativity

“We need creative energy,” confides Jean-Paul Brunier of advertising agency Leo Burnett France. A quality sought in the advertising sector, but not only. In general, creativity makes it possibleinnovate or to solve a problem. Skills demanded by companies.

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5. Positive

In addition to your creativity, stay positive ! This will allow you to optimize your resources, to encourage the enthusiasm of your colleagues and to become better. And performance is a very important commodity in the world of work. “We’re looking for talents who bring their enthusiasm,” said Regis Blugeon, HRD France in Saint-Gobain. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by stress or anger, for example. Find a way to approach your difficulties in a different way.

6. Autonomy

Manage an unexpected can lead to initiative and decision making to quickly solve a problem, for example. Your autonomy will be able to highlight your spirit of initiative, which is highly sought after by start-ups in particular.

7. Versatility

This quality is particularly in high demand small and medium structures. The latter also allows you to develop different skills and to open your field of possibilities wider. Undoubtedly, your versatility will be an asset for your career development.

These are all qualities that will be decisive in getting your first job!

*The study was conducted in April 2016

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