Mathieu Dufour in the KEKOU 2022 series with Fido

Fido present KEKOU 2022a one-of-a-kind web series on the platform DITO TOU.TV featuring Mathieu Dufour as a hero whose fate is in the hands of the audience … and his mobile phone.

In this campaign designed in collaboration with Theo, Koze at CBC and Radio-Canada Media Solutions, Fido reconnect with its roots in Quebec in an interactive soap opera that reminds us that the telecommunications company is always by our side, regardless of our situation. In the first stage, Mathieu Dufour went to her grandmother on New Year’s Eve with a cake — no, a sincere-layered-vanilla-pralines-of-the-heavens cake that mysteriously disappeared on her arrival. He had to be found before midnight, he had to rely on his faithful friend Amelie, with whom he chats on his mobile phone, and the public support to advance him in his search. The public will vote for their favorite action by visiting the partner area KEKOU 2022 sa DITO TOU.TV.

“We are very happy to have this unique opportunity to participate in the interactive soap opera KEKOU 2022 ng Mathieu Dufour», Sabi Edith CloutierPresident of the Region, Rogers Quebec. “Its innovative and playful concept fits the brand well Fido which is synonymous with innovation since it was formed 25 years ago. Our new slogan Beside youperfectly fits the search Matthew in need of his indispensable daily accomplice, Fidoregardless of the situation.

The challenge is daunting: to create a real conversation between brands Fido and the Quebec public through digital and television platforms. “Scriptwise, we had to make a miniseries broadcast in the form of an advertisement where each beginning of the episode had to repeat the hero’s situation, suggest the continuation of the investigation and show the public’s choice. And all this, in 45 seconds, tells us Robin Summerdesigner and screenwriter at Koze. Pierre-Luc Miville, the director, did an incredible job of putting it all together on set. There was good chemistry Mathieu Dufour, whose talent and authenticity contribute greatly to the project. It was a very positive collaboration experience, the whole team was proud of the result.

“Once we had the idea to create a web series where viewers would engage in hero search, we knew we had something unique that would appeal to viewers.DITO TOU.TV at D ‘DITO TV. The contribution of different parties plays an important role: whether it is the trust and cooperation of Fido and of Theothe creativity and agility of Koze or the humor and generosity of Mathieu Dufour», Added Samuel Olivier BarretteChief Strategy and Content Officer of KBC at Radio Canada Media Solutions. “To celebrate local culture, it’s important for us to work with our local media and talents. Radio Canada was able to meet our great ambitions and supported us in this innovative project ”, he said Sebastien RoyerDirector, Media Planning – Theo.

KEKOU 2022 was launched on November 7 at the Gala de l’ADISQ on the airwaves ofDITO TV. The TV and digital campaign consists of 4 episodes of 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds offering two action options to the public. The web series is hosted on DITO TOU.TV and aired in prime time on commercial breaks of hit shows such as Everyone is talking about it, District 31 at Infoman. The final 60-second episode will be announced on the night of December 31. The public is also invited to participate in the contest KEKOU 2022 where it’s possible to win $ 10,000 or one of Google’s three reimagined Pixel 6 phones.

Series KEKOU 2022 is available in DITO TOU.TVthe leading French-language video-on-demand platform in Canada.

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Clients : Fido
Gaelle Cayrol, Kaysy Paolucci, Irene Serbanesco
MEDIA AGENCY: Theo (Mindshare)
planning: Sebastien Royer, Catherine Brousseau, Karina Pires-Loureiro

Customer service: Philomene Chartier, Maria-Laura Laubenthal
Strategy: Rafik Belmesk, Jac Reid
Creation: Laurent Prud’homme, Jean-Sebastien Marcoux, Etienne Jacques

BAYANI: Mathieu Dufour

Design: KozeRobin Summer, Mathieu Dufour, Mikaël Archambault
Situation: Robin Summer
Script editing: Mikael Archambault
Implementation: Pierre-Luc Miville
Photo-Direction: Samuel Pinel Roy

KBC at Radio Canada Media Solutions (MEDIA AND STRATEGY)
Senior Manager, Strategy and Content: Samuel Olivier Barrette
Media creativity consultant: Rozanna Hijazi
Advertising Advisor – National TV Sales: Christian page
Advertising Advisor – Digital Sales: Marie-Claude Bouchard
Advertising producer: Isabelle Reid
Project manager: Chloe Dumas-Berger

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