Hesli: the startup that innovates recruitment

You have definitely applied to companies for an internship or work-study program. We know all the recruitment process using traditional CV and cover letter. What if everything changes? This is the bet taken by Hesli, a startup made by Martin and Julian, two students from NEOMA. Martin tells us more about this project.

The journey of the founder of Hesli

What is your background?

After high school, I vowed never to be a business student, but only idiots don’t change their minds. Being very good at the economy, I joined the Sorbonne and the nightmare began. Neither college nor economics did it for me. I repeated my first and second years and, having taken a few courses, I became interested in entrepreneurship. I started as a delivery boy for Take It Easy. Then I was a cook for Menu Next Door, a Belgian startup. Of them I discovered The family, a great incubator that gave me a taste for entrepreneurship. I started the entrepreneurial adventure by creating a business of drop shipping. I was selling fan accessories for Euro 2016. An interesting but uncertain experience: I made two sales.

In my third year, I stepped out of my comfort zone by swapping in Madrid. I realized then that business schools were the perfect place to fulfill my passion. I passed the AST competitions to join NEOMA Reims in L3. I found my happiness in Enactus, the social entrepreneurship association of NEOMA, but also and above all in Genius, the entrepreneurship organization I led for a year.

When did you enter entrepreneurship?

I did an internship at Startup Factory Brussels, a startup studio in Belgium. They saw that I was motivated and told me about their project in the Dark Kitchen. I was interested and I started! We have become the best restaurant in Poke Bowl from Brussels to Deliveroo. They offered me to stay and I really wanted to, but I decided to go back to France to finish my studies. A head full of stars and a strong desire to go further into entrepreneurship.

So I took Julian and Gabriel on the PicMe project. This startup is to allow tourists to come back with good memories. Everything went well, we were incubator in the school incubator, then in Innovact, the incubator for the Grand Est region. But COVID was there and we were forced to check our model. We sell B2B photos for agencies, restaurants, but it’s not inspiring. We are therefore interested in the issue of internships and work study programs.

The beginning of Hesli

That’s where you started Hesli?

At PicMe, when we placed an internship offer online, we received an average of 150 applications. We have a lot of resumes and cover letters that need to be processed. We were told this time can be better spent dealing with the profiles that best meet our needs. The idea is that the CV and cover letter are no longer used. What a recruiter really needs is to know who his candidate is and what he can bring to his company.

With Julian, so we created Hesli. It is a platform that offers two interesting features:

  • A reverse recruitment process. It is no longer the candidates who go to the recruiter, but the recruiters who search our site for the profiles they are interested in. This saves them a lot of time.
  • The possibility of digging in candidates. We have created a very complete dashboard where candidates can put practical information, their experiences, their soft skills in the form of visual representations, videos, photos, quotes, etc.

Where are you in the development of Hesli?

We worked on a first beta with 10 companies of all sizes: startups and large companies. The idea is to have a good relationship with these structures to understand what interests them and improve our product.

Now, we move into phase 2 with 30 paying companies paying us € 250 per recruited profile. It does not match our last model. Eventually, when critical size is reached, our business model will be offered in the form of a subscription with a specific number of unlockable profiles per month.

The launch of Hesli

When will Hesli be launched?

We are working on our full launch, to be, from September 2021, the reference for the recruitment of work-study trainees and interns. Our goal is to reach 10,000 registered students by the end of the year, including students from all walks of life: business schools, universities, engineering schools, etc. This will strengthen Hesli. We are recruiting now as we were 20 years ago and Hesli wants to move the lines.

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