From Toulouse, Wilbi changes career guide (3/5)

Accompany the user in developing his professional project. This is what Wilbi calls it. Created in 2021 by Charlotte Tandou and Corentin Bouffard, this Toulouse application is an alternative to traditional job discovery tools.

“Because of my mother’s job, a caregiver, I was always in touch with the kids and from the end of middle school and high school, it kind of became a panic for them in terms of orientation. Thinking about it, I noticed that there are websites for orientation help but they had their day.The goal is to help young people show themselves in the daily life of their future profession and help them towards the orientation that allows them to access this work ”, said Charlotte Tandou, co-founder of Wilbi.

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Similar to social networks

How does this work? In addition to classic job descriptions showing missions, training, salary or even career development, Wilbi is a type of digitalized professional internship discovery where users navigate “like of Netflix. “

Instead of the catalog of series and movies … the profession comes out. When one of them gets their attention, they can “subscribe to it”. Within a week, they will receive several videos per day, in story format, that provide a complete insight into the profession in which they are interested. Immersive, they are made by professionals detailing their daily life, mission, work environment, etc. Completely free and available anywhere in France, the application is aimed at middle school and high school students, as well as at reorientation students or retraining professionals.

“Our mission is to introduce them to key professions such as a lawyer, architect or baker, for example, but also the less highlighted ones, such as a wood construction engineer or an HVAC installer, for example. The goal is to represent all sectors and levels and to strengthen unknown professions ”, explains Charlotte Tandou, co-founder of Wilbi.

Recently, young people in the Occitanie region are entitled to additional features added, in collaboration with the regional council as part of the call for projects, such as mapping recruiting actors, a list of organizations included , etc.

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An opportunity for jobs in tension

For professional organizations and companies, Wilbi positions itself as a partner where they feature jobs that are tense or atypical, spark vocations and make users want to join their teams. In fact, the startup’s business model is based on a “sponsor offer” system to labor market players.

“For example, large groups such as EDF, Crédit Agricole or professional organizations such as the French Building Federation are calling us to face recruitment problems due to the lack of promotion of certain professions among young people. This makes matching possible. between the needs of the labor market and the young people coming. “

After nearly a year of existence, the company lists about 160 professions in its tool. It has nearly 47,000 subscribers, mainly aged 13 to 20. By 2022, its goal is to reach 300 professions presented and the bar of 100,000 users. By 2025, Wilbi wants to anchor itself in the minds of young people as a reference tool to aid orientation on the part of discovering professions. To do this, a commercial profile needs to arrive to strengthen its staff of six people already in 2022. Referred to the Parcoursup platform, the young shoot is keen to introduce itself to all guidance services. of the regions of France, teachers, academies, etc.

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