Celonis Announces Acquisition of Process Analytics Factory (PAF) to Enable Execution Management Anywhere

PAFnow capabilities to be showcased as part of Celonis Experiences, Celonis World Tour 2022

NEW YORK & DARMSTADT, Germany-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Celonis, a global leader in execution management, has announced the acquisition of Process Analytics Factory GmbH (PAF), a leading Process Mining intelligence provider for Microsoft Power BI. This acquisition will allow millions of Microsoft Power Platform users to use Celonis ’industry-leading Execution Management System (EMS) for process exploration, automation, and collaboration.

Acquiring PAF is part of Celonis ’strategy. This strategy is to enable companies around the world and in all industries to use the Celonis EMS mining process to identify and correct inefficiencies associated with the process. Celonis is committed to empowering users of leading automation, collaboration, and workflow platforms to manage their businesses with Celonis’s unique process insights and smartly targeted actions.

The PAFnow process mining product is fully integrated with Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office 365 to offer analysis, visualization and optimization of virtually any process. 97% of Fortune 500 companies and more than 260,000 businesses worldwide use Microsoft Power BI.

Celonis EMS, in an integrated cloud platform, combines real-time data, process intelligence and targeted actions to quickly impact business performance in terms of revenue, results and environmental performance. Customers who want complete clarity about how their business processes work — whether in supply chains, shared service centers, or system environments — can now take advantage of Celonis EMS’s unique capabilities and advances. , within their familiar Microsoft environment.

Maximilian Gerbert, Project Manager at Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting, said: “Although the Mercedes-Benz Digital Accelerator is a data-driven division that relies on a business intelligence strategy developed over the years, when we integrated process mining in our business intelligence infrastructure, we got the big picture and identified process inefficiencies within our business that we could not do.When supply chain issues arose, we used process mining intelligence within our Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure to identify bottlenecks and take action to address them, before they do not affect our cash flow and the experience of our customers.We are excited about the acquisition announcement of Celonis and the opportunity to utilize the powerful EMS capabilities of Celonis within our Microsoft environment. »

“It’s great to see Celonis and PAF coming together,” said Linus Linder, IT Manager at Muller – Die Purple Logistics Service GmbH. “We already have real-time data, process insights and targeted actions from Celonis EMS within our familiar Microsoft Power BI environment. »

The rapid adoption of Celonis EMS follows a generation of innovation using process information and intelligence to change the way business is managed.

According to Gartner®, the hyper-automation software market will reach nearly $ 860 billion by 20251. However, many companies do not maximize the value of their digital investments because they lack insight into the old processes that hinder business operations. According to the Forrester report commissioned by Celonis, the mining process will reach a turning point in 2022, as decision makers demand better enforcement by identifying and fixing inefficiencies in process.

“Since we were formed 11 years ago, Celonis’ mission has not changed: to enable our customers to benefit from the full potential of their business performance, by eliminating the disadvantages of efficiency associated with the process, and this requires Celonis to be present everywhere, says Alex Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis. “Acquiring PAF enables millions of Microsoft users Power Platform to use Celonis’ unique data and smart intelligence to drive analytics, automation and collaboration. »

“This combination leverages Celonis’ market leadership strength and the foundations established by PAF on the Microsoft Power Platform. This enables our companies to bridge the gap between the Microsoft Power Platform and the Celonis Execution Management System, ”said Tobias Rother, CEO and Founder of PAF.“ We are excited to put Celonis in the hands of a large and growing community of business leaders. »

“In our inaugural 2022 HFS SaaS XXV report, we placed Celonis as the leading private SaaS company in the categories of Overall Ranking, Creating Business Value, Partner Engagement, and OneOffice Alignment,” he said. Phil Fersht, CEO and Analyst at the head of HFS Research. “The acquisition of PAF shows why Celonis is ranked alongside Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Adobe and Google for its ability to shape the future of native automation, data, and process design. Celonis strategically integrates its unique process data and smart intelligence with the world’s leading work, automation and analytics platforms. »

“The goal of the mining process is to gain a realistic understanding of business process variations and inefficiencies in order to systematically improve processes to maximize performance, while being consistent with overall business objectives. Integrating the mining process with popular analytics platforms makes it easy for teams to collaborate, using familiar tools, ”said Maureen Fleming, vice president of programs for Consulting and Consulting Services. Intelligent Process Automation Market Research from IDC.

PAFnow software capabilities will be showcased as part of Celonis Experiences during Celonis World Tour 2022. Celonis Experiences will demonstrate how customers can seamlessly integrate Celonis EMS into Microsoft Power BI reporting, in collaboration with Microsoft Teams and trigger flows in Microsoft Power Automate.

About Celonis

Celonis helps organizations use their data. Driven by its industry-leading mining process, the Celonis Execution Management System provides a range of applications, developer studios, and platform capabilities that save business owners and business users billions. to poor business practices, to provide a better customer experience and to reduce carbon emissions. Celonis has completed several thousand implementations with global customers and is headquartered in Munich, Germany and New York, USA, as well as in 20 offices around the world.

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