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Thomas Mulcair

A visiting professor in the Department of Political Science at UdeM and a lawyer by profession, Thomas Mulcair’s political career led him to serve as Quebec’s Minister of the Environment between 2003 and 2006, was head of the NPD from 2012 to 2017. He was named Chairman of the Earth Day Board of Directors in January 2018.


Pierre Lussier

president of
world day

In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors, Pierre has managed Tous les Jours since it was founded in 1991. He is also responsible for the design and implementation of various organizational programs and initiatives such as of Fonds Eco IGA. Since its creation, he has managed the Transport and Sustainable Mobility program, and its two components: Transition Wow and RechargÉco, and as such, he manages the business and agreements between various electric mobility players.


Jake Haskell

Manager-EY-Parthenon Strategy and Transactions

Jake is a Designated CPA Professional and currently a Strategy Consultant at EY-Parthenon. He holds a leadership role at EY-Ripples Canada, which provides pro bono support to nonprofits and charities, where he has led several programs focused on the environment and sustainability.


Reid Bodley

Waste and Resource Conservation Manager, CN

Reid is a member of CN’s Environmental Affairs team, which focuses on system compliance, waste management and resource conservation programs. For more than a decade, he has led cross-sectoral national projects to advance and improve environmental efficiency.

Virginia Cousineau

Director, Public Affairs, Metropolitan Express Network

Virginie has been working in the field of public infrastructure for nearly 20 years, specifically on public transport projects. Since 2015, he has acted as Director of Public Affairs at CDPQ Infra, where he is responsible for all stakeholder interactions with the Réseau express metropolitan (REM) project, a new light, automatic and 100% electric metro network that will have 26 stations spread throughout the territory of the greater part of Montreal.

Alain Dumas

Expert consultant in public relations, marketing, digital strategy and eCommerce

Alain has worked in the retail business for more than 30 years, including more than 15 years as Senior Director of Public Affairs for a food wholesaler. Among other things, he is responsible for managing an environmental fund in conjunction with Earth Day. From 2015 to 2017 he was Chairman of the Quebec Board of Directors of the Retail Council of Canada.

Kristian Manchester

Executive Creative Director and Partner,
Sid Lee |

Kristian Manchester has been Executive Creative Director and Partner with Sid Lee for 20 years. His work in the field of advertising has been recognized with major international awards. Among other things, he was the main creative force behind the global campaigns of Adidas, The North Face and Samsung and was responsible for launching the Red Bull brand in the Canadian market.

Suying Zhao

Investment Advisor, Developpement international Desjardins

Enthusiastic about the investment impact, Suying has worked on sustainable development since 2004, first in China and Mongolia, for a Development Finance Institution (AFD); then in Canada, within the Fondaction, and now in Développement International Desjardins (DID). Because he has lived in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, he has an extensive business network.

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