A start-up wants to change recruitment, “it’s no longer up to candidates to look for companies but the opposite”

The Ethypik company, founded by a native of the North, offers, in collaboration with the Nhood team, a number of skilled and unskilled jobs. Their recruiting team is in the Lille region at the Aushopping shopping center to directly canvass future employees.

Hello, are you looking for a job?“This simple question can change lives, and Nicolas Morby is convinced of it. The founder of French start-up Ethypik wants to change the way of recruiting, give opportunities to those who have difficulty finding work and encourage local work.

To do this, the company is opening a stand at the Aushopping shopping center in the Lille region from June 2 to 25: Englos, Faches, Leers and Roncq.

“It is no longer up to the candidates to find companies but the opposite”

Nicolas Morby decided to start “street sourcing“, i.e., recruitment on the street, to facilitate the recruitment of future employees. The principle is simple:”street-sourcers“Canvass people outside or in public places by offering them jobs.

And there is something for everyone: caretakers or hotel service agents for DomusVi, order pickers for Veepee, personal assistance, construction or digital professions for Pôle Emploi Ile de France and Pôle Emploi Hauts-de-France … The list is long and varied.

I was the son of a plumber and my father found work in his plumber bag at the foot of his chair, he says. He was working in a bar that day, someone asked him if he was looking for a job, he said, yes, the next day he was hired.

Nicholas Morby

The creation of Ethypik and the idea of ​​this initiative are closely related to the story of the founder. “I was the son of a plumber and my father found a contract in his plumber bag at the foot of his chair, he says. He was working in a bar that day, someone asked him if he was looking for a job, he said yes and the next day he was hired.To pay for his education, Nicolas Morby worked nearby, becoming a recruiter of donors for associations. He walks the rue de Béthune and the Rihour district.

The idea of ​​canvassing people on the streets and public places to offer them work came to mind. “We approach people to be donors, why not approach them to find a job?“It has in mind that the start-up will be done in April 2020.”By creating Ethypik, I brought up the belief that it was no longer up to the candidates to find companies but the opposite, because the street is full of talent but not everyone has the codes to make CVs or cover letters. motivation, yet these people have real knowledge“.

Changing the image of shopping centers

In Nhood France, Ethypik decided to launch a local working tour in France. The goal: to meetof talents with targeted profiles“in Aushopping malls. Beyond being places of consumption,”we take some local work actions, we arrange work dating. We even created the ‘Aushopping campus’ last summer to combat dropping out of school“, Explained Assya Guettaf, head of corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Nhood France.

Until now, the shopping center was a place where food shopping or pleasure shopping was done. We want to show that we can still do something there, things that make sense, like canvassing to recruit job seekersCSR leader details. Customers are not just wallets.“Nicolas Morby agrees.”Nhood and Aushopping understood that we could change the model of the shopping center. These are not single-use areas but mixed dwellings. “

Until now, the shopping center was a place where food shopping or pleasure shopping was done. We wanted to show that we could do other things there, things that might make sense, like canvassing to recruit job seekers.

Assya Guettaf

Thus, the “job seekers“, because he prefers to call them-“kasi sa applicant, there is a certain passivity, we want to show that they are active, words count” – will be asked in the corridors of shopping centers. The”street-sourcers“Let them answer the questionnaire”developed by a doctor of cognitive sciences“to assess and define their knowledge and contact them with companies in accordance with their profile.

This initiative democratizes access to jobsstudies Assya Guettaf. Sometimes people find it difficult to push the door of institutions like Pôle emploi or local missions, we are there to help them.“Also allowed”identify people with different codes“, added the founder.

Search for “hidden talents”

Nicolas Morby wants to change the way of recruiting, and be as close as possible to people. He wants to find them with his partner “hidden talents“And they”nuggets“breeding on the streets of France but not being paid attention to based on a simple CV or a cover letter.

Through Ethypik, he also wanted to deconstruct received ideas about certain professions to the general public. “Some professions are in tension due to lack of visibility and attractivenesshis observation. We no longer know what a surface technician is. With that name, the issue is confused so people don’t apply. “ The same, according to him, for “water pipers, where we think of people wearing rubber from head to toe as the profession became digitalized, they all had tablets“.

Some professions are in tension due to lack of visibility and attractiveness, he says. We don’t even know what a surface technician, with that name, is confusing the issue so people don’t apply.

Nicholas Morby

This is why he and his partner Nhood, a real estate operator, prefer to be face to face with “talk to them about a position like this by establishing a real dialogue. People can project themselves, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a profession. Recruitment always ends face to face, why shouldn’t it start the same way?

He noted that the older generation of entrepreneurs, human resources and founders are more receptive to this street-sourcing technique. “They tell me that at the time, it was not based on CV but on meeting and exchange, which impressed them more than the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Candidates from Lyon and Lille were covered

In the Lille region, street-sourcing will take place from June 2 to 25 and will pass through four Aushopping shopping centers. The initiative was already won in Lyon in May. “It really worked, we recruited 89 people for the Veepee company in three daysrejoicing in Nicolas Morby. We also recruited an interstellar nugget for a client, he is 55 years old and has exceptional plumbing experience, but he knows nothing about social networks or online job search. He wouldn’t know that client if we weren’t there.. “

What else, “there is a rewarding side, unskilled people are asked to offer work. I want this recruitment technique to be democratic“, hopes the founder.

There is a rewarding side, people are not used to being asked to offer them a job. I want this recruitment technique to be democratic.

Nicholas Morby

Jonathan Courteix, street-sourcer on site at the Englos shopping center (then throughout the Lille region), explained that he is currently recruiting “in health professions in partnership with DomusVi for an Ehpad in Roubaix. We also do sourcing for different and different stores, rather than in sales positions.

As of yesterday afternoon, about thirty people have registered to quickly find work. “We ask about background, of course, of experiences, how people professionalize themselvesexplanation by Jonathan Courteix. People are receptive, but it’s also up to us street-sourcers to be warm and interact with them.

In the coming weeks, other job offers will be available. For those living in the Lille region looking for work, it may be time to travel to the shopping center to hope to find work. The strategy will also be organized in the Île-de-France region in July.

Participating Aushopping shopping centers in the Lille region
  • Aushopping Englos – June 2, 3 and 4
  • Aushopping Fâches – June 9, 10 and 11
  • Aushopping Leers – June 16, 17 and 18
  • Aushopping Promenade de Flandre in Roncq – June 23, 24 and 25

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