Working in a start-up: what qualities do you need?

Do you need specific qualities to work with a start-up? What is the ideal profile to combine this type of company? At the time of recruitment, the people who will review your CV and cover letter will not only recognize your skills, but also your soft skills. Therefore, we are not only talking about knowledge, but also about interpersonal skills. How will you behave within the startup? If you want to apply for a job offer in this type of company, here are some features that can be useful in your daily life. Are you ready to evolve into a dynamic and innovation-oriented structure?

Versatility and autonomy in the spotlight

Who said start-up says versatility. Before submitting your application, be aware that you need to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. Why? A dissatisfied client, a meeting to be arranged between two missions, a computer problem, a response to a call for tenders to be finalized, information to be provided on social networks … Tasks are more varied than others. So managers should rely on the response of their employees. For you, this is the opportunity to handle all the professions of a young company. For start-ups, it is important to recruit multidisciplinary teams.

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In addition to availability, independent work is required. It’s important to be proactive: there’s no need to wait at your desk for assignments to arrive at you. On the contrary, you need to take the lead in finding information and showcasing your initiative. While some managers will give you ongoing direction or guidance in more “traditional” businesses, here you need to manage and discipline yourself. Organize your work and set your priorities to achieve your goals and meet the deadlines set.

If you think you are ready to face these challenges, the day-to-day life of a start-up will definitely be right for you. And if you have any questions, feel free to discuss them freely during your job interview.

Flexibility and flexibility

In summary, flexibility is essential to a start-up. Typically, the rhythm of life in this type of business is different from 35 hours per week. You need to be flexible and flexible with your schedule. In concrete terms, this sometimes means a sustained work speed and extended hours. In case there are projects to be finished or events to be arranged, the work can also take place in the evening and on the weekend. This results in resistance to stress and pressure. Consider this experience as a real springboard if you want to start the adventure.

Who said that flexibility also speaks of teamwork and good relationships with colleagues and customers. For optimal integration within the start-up, feel free to participate in various events, formal and informal, organized by leaders. A friendly profile is always welcome and a good atmosphere is important. Also, a colleague always appreciates your help, and vice versa.

A dynamic, passionate and curious profile

What will the business look like in the future? As with start-ups today, the key is innovation. If you want to thrive in this type of business, you need to be creative and imaginative. Avoid self-censorship and keep asking yourself questions. To do this, feel free to stay up to date with the latest trends: regular monitoring is essential to discover what’s new in the activity sector relevant to your startup. Read, gain knowledge, document yourself! And if you need to train yourself in innovation and technologydon’t forget to go to My Training Account.

Your passion and your perseverance will allow you to become an expert in your field. Sometimes some coworkers say they don’t feel like they’re working. Motivation helps in professional development: if you are comfortable in your position and if you follow the company’s values, there is no doubt that you will want to invest yourself in the various projects underway.

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