“We were asked to take money from the pockets of patients”, testimony of a former director of a clinic in Arcachon

In his fifties, he ran an Orpea establishment for two years in the late 2000s, in the winter town of Arcachon. La Rose des Sables, a formerly listed residence that has become a follow-up care clinic, with approximately fifty …

In his fifties, he ran an Orpea establishment for two years in the late 2000s, in the winter town of Arcachon. La Rose des Sables, a formerly listed residence that became a post-acute care clinic with approximately fifty beds. The former director prefers to remain anonymous, we’ll call him Pierre. She is a public health engineer, a former nurse herself. His testimony is compelling, as it adds an extra layer to the ORPEA group’s relentless profitability policy, released by investigative journalist Victor Castanet (1).

He narrated what he called “Orpea’s system of maximum exploitation of old age”, a system in which he was reluctant to participate for two years, before being downgraded due to incompatibility: “I wasn’t profitable enough”. He may have suspected the outcome of his trip within the group, since the day he was hired as director of the La Rose des Sables follow-up care center in Arcachon, not informing his predecessor that he himself had been fired. “The seat was warmer,” Pierre said. I managed to get someone to go to work that day, like an ordinary day … Then I observed that we were all living under the threat of dismissal. in one night. »

Increase daily expenses

The “Orpea system”, according to the former director, is the same for nursing homes or clinics. “For example, I heard this sentence from management at a meeting dedicated to selling products to patients:“ You have to take money out of the patient’s pocket. ”It’s up to us to arrange the sale of products. , fruit baskets, washcloths, terry towels, postcards, etc. this to maximize daily expenses.We participated in a monthly meeting of all regional directors, where we had to present our results and explain why we are not in line with the group’s goals. The pressure is permanent, every 9 am, we have to send our room occupancy rate to headquarters. »

“They’re in accounting logic. The patients? Milk cows.»

The former boss of Rose des Sables then understood that Orpea’s management was not connected to the reality of attending the Arcachonnaise clinic. He reports it. “In fact, they thought that Arcachon was a city of wealthy people and it had to be managed accordingly. Except that this magnificent building is old, no longer suitable, and our patients are from Gujan-Mestras, Teich, small villages of oyster farmers, rather from the world of work … An argument never heard of by their accounting logic. The patients? Cow’s milk. »

Savings on everything

Again, Pierre revealed how much the savings group is demanding of everyone. “We were asked to work in” degraded “mode. Either, a single person doing the work of two or three. Not to mention the food savings: 5 euros per day and per patient, not a cent more. The minimum purchase is controlled of Paris. Obviously people are hungry all the time, food is not allowed in the building. Every day patients go out to buy food. »

“The more I use temporary workers to replace absent staff, the more I will be treated”

Pierre, whose specialty is to set up accreditation files for health institutions and nursing homes, joined the Arcachonnaise clinic when Orpea picked it up: “Until then, Rose des sables was a small business of the family, with old -fashioned ways of working.Orpea asked me to obtain ARS (Regional Health Agency) professional practices accreditation .On the other hand, I discovered only in months, the vertical system of Orpea, he explains. »Paradoxically. The public health engineer succeeded in gaining accreditation in the clinic, while measuring posterior dysfunctions over months.” Actually, he continues, only profitability is in question. As a director, how much I use very little temporary workers to replace absent staff, I am better considered.A bad system that puts the patient not in the middle of the worries, but in the last place. »

The Rose des Sables clinic is no longer in the winter town district of Arcachon, the building has been sold. Orpea, on the other hand, opened a new establishment in Teich, with the same functions. Pierre was dismissed, he won in Labor Court against the group on the basis of “dismissal without real and serious cause”.

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