The startup Éthypik is recruiting talent on the street

The Éthypik startup is innovating by recruiting talent on the street. Credits: iStock

Do you know that street-sourcing ? This is a new way of recruiting. The Ethypik startup, contraction between ethical and atypical, offering companies the opportunity to recruit their future talent directly in the areas where they live. On the streets, shopping centers, by knocking on their doors, groups developed by social start-ups have broken traditional recruitment codes.

A dedicated social startup

Founded in the midst of a health crisis by Nicolas Morby, with fifteen years of fundraising expertise for NGOs, Éthypik innovates by making street-sourcing to identify the talents that best fit the company’s values. Since 2020, the social enterprise has managed seven missions in which it has qualified 200 candidates, 40 of them have already worked in so -called shortage jobs (web developers, construction jobs, etc.).

Recruitment is different

No longer a traditional recruitment process with a CV and cover letter, Éthypik teams really go to find highly targeted profiles in the field. The goal is to offer opportunities to everyone, including those away from work. This social and responsible approach promotes inclusion, by recruiting candidates according to their soft skills (behavioral skills).

It’s time to make concrete changes to the working rules. The legitimacy for a position largely depends on values ​​that are consistent with the company’s values. By getting candidates on the street, we are reversing the process. We show them that companies need them. The logic completely changes the game, and gives real confidence to the person, especially to those who stay away from work. explained Nicolas Morby, founder of Ethypik.

Very locally recruited profiles

For recruiting teams, the street-sourcing recognizes talents who largely have soft skills and knowledge consistent with the company’s recruiting values. The spectrum of the candidate search is expanded and provides the opportunity to profiles close to the company, on the street, in the local area. The startup thus promotes a fully inclusive recruitment.

Hello street-sourcing ? For each mission, Éthypik teams inform merchants, neighborhood houses, communities of their actions to gain support in terms of communication. Easily identifiable using signage, teams plan sessions from a few hours to a few days on the street, at a shopping center, at an event, to get to know people in their daily lives, as they is traveling.

Éthypik startup recruiters rely on three founding pillars:

  • The individual is at the heart of everything: no more diplomas and technical skills. For Ethypik, what matters is the behavioral skills, i.e., the susually practice. Communication skills, communication skills or character today seem as important as a CV.
  • A smart algorithm: the software used plays a big role in support between candidates and companies. It works with some axes: frequent questionnaires to better understand soft skills candidates, evaluating 211 skills in a positive way, developing a clear and synthetic profile of skills.

  • The teaching is tailored to the profiles of the candidates: the opportunity for them to evaluate their careers, discover their true strengths and develop their potential.

Due to the very dynamic start, Ethypik announced that it has selected Rhizome, the innovation and incubation platform of Paris & co, dedicated to Human Resources. Accompaniment, coaching, connections to large groups will come to support startup development.

The social startup joined Le Village of CA Paris, a startup accelerator, last February.


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