The best bitcoin mining sites

If you are looking for best cloud mining site for rent, you are definitely in the right place. Cryptocurrency cloud mining is fast becoming one of the hottest topics that investors continue to discuss. And this is clear many people are interested in BTC mining. Want to start earning cryptocurrency, but don’t want to use expensive, resource-intensive hardware? Here are three trusted cloud mining sites that can make big money mining bitcoin.


GMINERS is the most promising cloud mining site in 2022. The company that the head office is in London strives to provide cryptocurrency investors with leading customer service focused on Bitcoin cloud mining. There are over 3000 authorized users so far mining cryptocurrencies with daily payouts. Additionally, as a regulated hash provider, GMINERS targets environmental technologies. By maintaining data centers in Iceland, Georgia and Kazakhstan, the company mainly uses renewable energy sources (such as solar panels and wind generators).

Ang GMINERS current profitability rates start at 143%.

Let’s see what this means for you in numbers:

if you buy a $ 5000 a year contract now you will get $ 600 in just one month (all fees and costs are included in the contract price). So, at the end of the plan’s validity period, you will earn $ 7200. To get more BTC, keep the cloud mining process going by reinvesting your reward funds. With the very high price of bitcoin, this is the best way to create a steady passive income.


  • Isa Personal manager supports you throughout the cloud mining process.
  • You get a easy cryptocurrency mining experience with small investments.
  • A wide variety of plans Bitcoin is available.
  • 24/7 access to cloud mining tools, wherever you are.
  • Revenues are visible through a widget
  • GMINERS is one of the most convenient cloud mining platforms for complete beginners.

If you want to make money through Bitcoin cloud mining, check out the latest offer from GMINERS, a 30% discount on the sale of all types of miners. Sign up and make the first deposit to get a 30% discount on the cloud mining plan of your choice. Note that this is a limited time offer.

Popular Bitcoin Plans

  • Beginner – 90,000 GH/s (price is $ 0.0120 per 1 GH/s).
  • Professional – 450,000 GH/s (price is $ 0.0120 per 1 GH/s).
  • Smart – 2,000,000 GH/s (price is $ 0.0120 per 1 GH/s).


NAKAKAHIYA is a accessible Bitcoin platform that sits at the top of the rankings of the best trusted cloud mining sites. The company was founded in 2018 by a team of blockchain engineers and cryptocurrency pros from the UK. This is legitimate cloud mining platforme operating under a license and certificate of incorporation from a private limited company (you can view legal information on the provider’s website if you prefer). Currently, SHAMINING owns and maintains three large data centers in Cape Town, London and San Jose, CA. There are over 70,000 authorized users so far who have successfully invested in reliable and profitable cloud mining services at SHAMINING.


  • Every crypto investor gets a personal manager to be more comfortable with the process of cloud mining.
  • From Innovative GPU and ASIC miners provide high performance during the cloud mining process.
  • the the minimum starting amount is only $ 250.
  • It already exists there are many types of bitcoin cloud mining miners and plans for usersregardless of the starting value.
  • The easy registration and verification procedure makes the SHAMININGone of the friendliest cloud mining site for beginners.
  • SHAMINING provides a crypto community cheap beginner miners as well as clusters of miners with the best performance and profitability.
  • Daily payments in cryptocurrencies.

Prices per 1 GH/s start at $ 0.0109. The current average rate of return is 143%+. All you have to do to start mining bitcoins is register, deposit and hire a suitable miner. This will bring you regular passive income in cryptocurrency in the next 12 months. Also, they have a special offer for all newcomers today. The 37% bonus on the first investment gives you the opportunity to increase your passive income and earn more money during the term of the contract.

So register now and get your 37% bonus for the greatest benefit of cloud mining in SHAMINING.

Popular Bitcoin Plans

  • GPU miners (hash power rate is 23,580 GH/s). The current price is $ 0.0120 per 1GH/s.
  • GPU miners (hash power rate is 94,340 GH/s). The current price is $ 0.0113 per 1GH/s.
  • ASIC miners (hash power rate is 235,849 GH/s). The current price is $ 0.0109 per 1GH/s.

Launched at the end of 2016, Mining IQ isone of the leading companies worldwide providing crypto investors with reliable cloud mining services. Today, IQMining is a smart cloud mining platform with thousands of authorized members. The company’s data centers are located in various countries, such as Canada, Iceland, Georgia, Russia, China and Algeria.

Why IQMining?

  • The society offers several profitable contracts for cloud mining easily under the SHA-256 algorithm.
  • the Only 10 GH/s is the minimum hash rate in rent (and it’s pretty good for beginners).
  • One platform offers a wide variety of contract lengths (from 12 to 60 months, lifetime plans are also available).
  • It’s easy to start cryptocurrency mining with IQMining, even if you’re a beginner.
  • The mining revenue calculator allows you to calculate the estimated revenue on cryptocurrencies before purchasing a suitable plan.
  • Frequent payments in bitcoins and altcoins is another advantage of cloud mining in IQMining.
  • It already exists additional offers such as forex and cryptocurrency trading tools for advanced investors.
  • You can use the automatic reinvestment feature to increase your passive income from Bitcoin cloud mining.
  • The company offers its customers regular promotions, an affiliate program and special offers.

Popular Bitcoin Plans

  • SHA-256. The current price is $ 0.91 per 10 GH/s (for a one year plan).
  • SHA-256 PRO. The current price is $ 1,036 per 10 GH/s (for a one year plan).

The service cost for both cloud mining plans is $ 0.01 per 10 GH/s. There are several account levels in IQMining, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond options.


What is cloud mining?

In other words, cryptocurrency cloud mining is a process of creating new coins (BTC and mineable altcoins) using hardware installed in remote data centers. All hardware and software is owned, operated and maintained by large blockchain companies (called cloud mining providers) that share their hashing capabilities with users. To start cloud mining, you need to buy a contract and hire a miner.

How does cloud mining work?

First of all, the cloud mining process takes place from remote data center parks located anywhere in the world, from Iceland and South Africa to Myanmar and North America. No need to buy, install and maintain special equipment to participate in a global cloud mining activity. Just choose a trusted cloud mining website and invest a little money in the hash contract. It is an easy to understand system that is accessible to everyone, including non-technical people and new digital investors.

What is the best cloud mining site?

There are dozens of cloud mining sites on the Internet today. If you want to put your money into a reliable and profitable cloud mining system, take the time to learn and evaluate the available offers. Pay attention to user comments on relevant websites and expert opinions (including this article).

What are the most profitable tokens in mine?

After all these years, bitcoin remains the most profitable digital token in mine. The price of BTC is rising and will continue to rise. So you can create passive income for yourself by investing in Bitcoin cloud mining today. You You can also set your sights on promising altcoins like Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, RavenCoin, Dogecoin, etc.

Is cloud mining safe?

The process of cryptocurrency cloud mining is safe as long as you communicate with trusted provider companies. So you need to do your own research on your service platform before jumping into cloud mining. Take the time to find out how long the company has been working on cloud mining and what user reviews are in the public domain. Avoiding scammers is the only way to earn cryptocurrencies safely.

What is the hash rate?

The hash rate is literally a key aspect of cloud cryptocurrency mining, and the profitability index is highly dependent on it. Basically, The hash rate (expressed in hashes per second) refers to the amount of processing power contributed to the blockchain network of the mining process. For individuals, calculating the hash rate can help predict the profitability of the selected cloud mining contract. Higher hash rate means higher revenue.

How much will I earn in cloud mining?

The amount of your income depends on several aspects. The hash rate and rising price of bitcoin are just a few. Use the cloud mining revenue calculator to predict the value of your estimated revenue before investing in any type of contract. Also, most cloud mining platforms provide information on average rates of return.

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