Strateos: the start-up that wants to facilitate the recruitment of engineers thanks to AI

The engineering profession is the most sought after executive job and among the hardest to recruit in the world. Poor profile for many years, recruitment firms and consulting companies relentlessly chasing him. To optimize processes and help companies recruit top profiles, Strateos has developed an AI-based solution. Alexandre Roy, its founder, shed light on its use but also on the future of recruitment thanks to artificial intelligence.

Who are you and what does Strateos offer?

Alexandre Roy : How are you ! I am 35 years old, I am an engineer by training (EPF) and I am the founder and CEO of Strateos. Strateos is a tailor-made digital engineer recruitment solution we created in 2017. We stand out from traditional players through an “Engineer Centric” approach (which puts the engineer at the center of the process) and a large investments in new technologies.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating this service?

AR : The starting point is definitely my passion for change and my desire to contribute to it in one way or another. It took me to an engineering consulting firm and there I had a click. I was a business manager there and my role was to hire engineers to “put them on assignments” to end customers. I made two observations in this experience: the first is that the processes have not changed in forty years: they are less digitized and even less automated. The second is that the relationship with engineers is not always fair, a kind of one-way relationship. So the Strateos were born out of a desire to make the recruitment of engineers simpler and more efficient by repositioning them in the middle of the process.

Why is it sometimes complicated to recruit engineers?

AR : You should know that in France and in Europe, the market has been suffering from a shortage of engineers for almost forty years and it will increase. We have to deal with the retirement of baby boomers not being paid for by newcomers, but also with the evolution of technologies that are constantly changing the skills to be studied. Finally, it should be noted that aggressive methods of recruiting ESNs accentuate this phenomenon.

Finally, the engineering profession is considered the most sought after executive job and among the hardest to recruit in the world according to CDEFI (Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools).

What are – or have been – the major technological challenges of your application?

AR : The first challenge we encountered, beyond the framework of our application, was reading and structuring data. In fact, we collect over 3,000 engineering CVs per month through our special job site, WebEngineering. The challenge is to read these CVs to provide them in a consistent and easy way. To achieve this, we developed a parser based on deep learning technologies.

The second challenge lies in matching an engineer and a project. To achieve the most accurate results, we implement a variety of solutions including smart filters based on machine learning.

Do you think AI will be an important recruitment tool?

AR : I am convinced! “Enhanced recruitment” has proven itself and saves huge time. I think AI can still greatly optimize the sourcing stage, which now represents 80% of the working time of “traditional” recruiters.

What are its limitations and how can it be overcome?

AR : On the one hand, reviewing a CV does not necessarily mean thinking ability!
On the other hand, AI tends to discriminate which should not be ignored (when it compares a candidate being recruited to those in the post example). The expertise of the recruiter therefore remains important to identify and overcome his or her limitations. Beyond that, I think recruitment should remain a deep relationship: technology is there to support and not to replace the person.

What’s new for Strateos for the next few years?

AR : Continue to make the recruitment of engineers simpler and more efficient. We are considering creating an innovative media dedicated to engineers and rethinking our offer about a new concept. Let’s meet in the fall.

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

AR : Become a referent for the recruitment of engineers in France in the next 3 years and develop ourselves worldwide to accelerate innovations and engineering projects around the world …

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