Promising start-ups were shown in Monaco during the One to One show

Monaco’s prestigious e-commerce and retail fair was revived this October, to celebrate its tenth anniversary with tremendous vigor. In honor of this edition, we saw a village of startups chosen by Cdiscount for their innovative side. Sixteen companies were presented, feedback on a selection of innovative solutions proposed.

Game: automated loyalty

Who doesn’t forget to show their loyalty card at a store, or simply leave said card in their car?

It is Joko’s observation that the solution addresses this problem in an automated way. Joko is an application that automatically connects to your bank account. By accessing the transactions, it will collect a kitten for you that is linked to your purchases.

To carry out these operations, Joko has a license with the payment institution. As soon as you want, you can transfer your kitten to your bank account.

The app also allows you to browse partner sites, add favorites and be notified of price drops. On the whole, Joko offers a cashback service linked to e-commerce sites but also, and this is new, to physical stores like Auchan, Franprix or Yves Rocher. The app born in 2018 already has 1 million subscribers and 150,000 followers on Instagram.

Emailtree has removed your customer service

The service quality of your customer relationship can be affected by your activity changes. Emailtree addresses this issue by preparing responses to your emails for you.

To do this, the tool uses the latest Machine Learning, NLP and NLU (Natural Language Recognition and Understanding) technologies, which also determine the mood expressed by the sender of the message.

To learn, the tool will analyze your knowledge base, your emails and the responses you give to your customers. It will then classify them and offer you “smart responses”, i.e., responses that match the analysis made by the customer request tool.

For its Orange Luxembourg client, Emailtree has a success rate of 95%. The interest of the tool according to its designers is to address the person correctly (e.g. Mr. or Mrs.), but also to speak French without mistakes.

After the learning phase, the tool can automatically respond to certain categories of requests (for example, change of address or password), and offer ready-made responses to your employees.

The pricing hub sets the perfect price for your products

“Ouch, my opponent lowered the price of this product, I have to align myself!” What trader doesn’t experience this moment of anger who wants to match his competitor in every way?

The Pricing Hub has developed a solution that certainly wants to give reasonable space to this practice that can be risky for the company. By wanting to position ourselves at all costs, we often forget our margins and our customers.

After analyzing the transactions (sale price, transportation price, margin, marketing costs), the analytical data, the price sensitivity of different products and of the competition, the tool will offer to merchant a price that matches his constraints. : seasonality, stock, customer demand, margin. Competition is no longer the main criterion of selection.

Arianee creates NFTs to track products

Arianee’s adventure began with fabrics: it suggests using the blockchain to follow the life of a sweater or pants. From the raw material to the store, then throughout the life of the product, it has a digital passport that will allow its user (s) to authenticate it, resell, share its properties and project it into the metaverse, the This 3D virtual. universe, the new frontier of the web.

The startup also entered into a partnership with Breitling. The tool allows traceability of watches, and attach their certificate of authenticity. This allows the brand to reject counterfeiting and the consumer to be sure about the origin of the product.

Future applications are endless and the concept may, for example, in the future, contain the service book of a home appliance or a car.

Botmind chat with your customers in smart way

45% of customer requests expressed to chatbots can be automated. This is the observation Botmind made to imagine its tool using artificial intelligence to respond to your customers for you.

The tool that has already succeeded with brands such as Le Petit Ballon or Beauté Privée allows you to process many frequent and lengthy questions on behalf of your customer advisors.

To build its knowledge base, Botmind will use your verbatim support, your FAQ, plug into tracking tools like ITinsell or Shipup to provide your customer with lots of content and a detailed response to their request.

Of course, the response automation settings are customizable. For example, for Le Slip Français, the tool will respond to requests for a return, order cancellation or password reset.

Pixpay: for financially independent young people

The founders of this startup started from the observation that 90% of teenagers regularly receive cash, but they prefer to have a bank card, which is more suited to their uses.

Pixpay offers a real card, a Mastercard in its colors, administered through an application held by parents, with a glass interface.
This is not a sub-card as it existed a few years ago, with functionality limited to certain withdrawals at the local bank branch. The Pixpay card makes it possible to pay without contact, pay for internet purchases, be linked to Apple Pay or make purchases throughout the Euro zone.

Pixpay targets young people aged 10 to 18. One of the goals of the offer is to make teens independent, teach them how to manage a budget and give them some sort of financial education.

The Pixpay card is associated with the parent’s bank card. The application allows you to schedule regular or instant payments, but also create paid “missions” (clean the room, mow the lawn) or even choose where and how much to spend of your teenager (merchants and value), block his card in case trouble.

In addition, the card is linked to a cashback program and allows the teenager, for example, to cash his Vinted kitty. The cost of the service is 2.99 EUR per month, and is advertised by Pixpay with no other hidden fees.

Disruptual, a turnkey second-hand product resale platform

Surfing the boom of the circular economy, this startup born in 2016, which received a “community prize” in Monaco for best innovation, offers an API that generates the interface for buying and reselling of second-hand branded products. white in your merchant area.

Dedicated space allows you to stay within the brand ecosystem, but the customer journey is different. The basket and the payment are handled by Disruptual, as well as any disputes arising from the transactions.

To meet the very high customization demands of its customers, Disruptual has adapted its model and offers specific interfaces or processes. For example, the Orchestra brand chose to publish a dedicated site, “Orchestroc”. This is also the case of La Redoute in “Reboucle”.

The Orchestra also offers a “Drive to store”: the customer who sells his product will display it in the shop, who will check its condition and its proper functioning. The brand is also starting to offer second-hand product corners at its points of sale, managed by the Disruptual interface.

C&A took advantage of the launch of its second-hand product platform to bring its consumers closer to its points of sale: the store closest to the seller collects the product and sends it to the consumer. This service is free for the consumer. C&A offers to pay the seller either in cash or in the form of a matching credit note, which also allows it to keep the customer in his fold.

Disruptual also offers brands an interface that offers to destock their second choice products from the warehouse or stores. There is no shortage of projects, driven by the development requests of its customers. These include the possibility for a merchant to offer to return a product beyond the withdrawal period in order to resell it in exchange for an exciting contribution. Or the possibility of selling second-hand products from other platforms on its platform. Should Leboncoin have anything to worry about?

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