A car for an Appalachian school graduate

PAGKAKABUTI. Hailing from Lac-Etchemin and working in the field of finance for many years, he who is currently a wealth management advisor for National Bank Financial, Olivier Deblois offers a graduate of the École des Appalaches the opportunity to benefit from a long -term “loan” of his car. He even considers giving it to the winner (or winners) within 3 or 4 years, if certain conditions are met.

Launched by Mr. Deblois, within the walls of high school as well as on social networks, this contest targeting a specific client. The vehicle in question is a 2017 Jetta GLI, with manual transmission, valued at nearly $ 16,000. This one includes summer tires, oil change and a full gas tank. The winner will only pay for maintenance and insurance costs, his gas and winter tires for next year.

“It’s been a while since I’ve paid for my car. I bought myself another one and after wanting to sell it, I rented it to a friend who kept it for two and a half years before returning it to me because he no longer needed it. Because everything is fine in my personal life, in my investments as well as in my business at the National Bank, and that I don’t need the money if I sell it, I had the idea to work for the benefit of other people ”, underlined one who, in addition to his work at the National Bank, was president and treasurer of the Lauberivière Foundation in Quebec.

“When I got back in my car, I remembered that when you want to go to Cégep or university, especially in Quebec City, you need an apartment and a car and you have to work, in addition to studying, there. There are young people already. come from wealthier backgrounds and parents can buy a car for them, but others don’t, ”he pointed out, noting that he spoke with his friend Maxime Lessard, assistant director at the École des Appalaches , for his idea of ​​helping a school graduate by giving him a vehicle so he could continue his education next year and subsequent years.

The latter said he was pleased with his friend’s initiative as a child and agreed to spread the message to the students of 5at second.

“We have prepared a poster for this purpose. We have already received some applications and we hope to have others in the coming weeks, “said Olivier, inviting those interested to come forward by the end of April. The selection of the winner (or winners) must be announced at the beginning of June.

Process must be followed

As mentioned earlier, students from the École des -Appalaches who are interested to take advantage of this opportunity offered to them by Mr. Deblois must, at the end of April, submit a letter of motivation in which they will state how useful this vehicle will be. and what their plans are for the future. Interested parties should send this letter by e-mail to olivier.deblois@bnc.ca.

A selection will be made on the submitted applications and the people selected will need to provide their report card, their letter of admission to Cegep or any other information that may be useful in evaluating their application. “From the lot, I will choose three candidates that I will meet at the interview, along with their parents, before I make my final choice”, Olivier continues who remembers, as mentioned before, that if the child is chosen it is good performing, that he has good grades, that the collaboration is good and that he follows his path, he can give him the car in three or four years.

“If his studies are going less well for specific reasons or he had to change his major because it is more suitable for him or her, that will also be ok, he will not be punished for that as long as his approach remains serious”, Olivier continued. his action qualifies as a “coached loan” in the sense that-despite the vehicle, he wants to offer support to the student, if he demonstrates the need for it.

Olivier Deblois and Maxime Lessard in front of the car spent a good part of the winter sheltering in the garage of late.

“I can support or mentor him in his choice of study or in his reflections. It’s good, at that age, to have outside support from someone already. The important thing to say is that it will always be done in collaboration with the parents ”, specified the donor who added that whatever his path, the youth should remain serious in his approach.

“What I want is for him to know that when he is wrong, I will lose my car, which I will give to others,” he also recalls.

Good timing for young people

Maxime Lessard said he personally appreciates and supports his childhood friend’s initiative. “When you finish, your worries are simple. That’s all, what do you do after high school and get your driver’s license. By the end of the school year, student parking is increasingly tree, because young people have known for a long time that in order to have a certain amount of freedom in a region like this, you need a car. In fact, it is one of their priorities, especially since we don’t have public transit in a region like this. . »

The two friends hope this initiative will create a movement and others will follow this example. Here, Olivier Deblois added that he would certainly give priority to those in need of a vehicle, but parents do not necessarily have enough financial resources to buy one for them.

Helping others

Olivier -Deblois mentioned that through his roles at the Lauberivière Foundation, he makes it his duty to help people in need. This tendency to help was natural in his family, he recalled. “Every year, my grandfather makes 150 holiday pies for people who don’t have anything, even if he’s not rich. He always tells me, “Olivier, you eat three times a day, we’re in a free country where there’s no war, you have a roof, so you’re rich, count yourself lucky, that’s not the case. For to everyone. ”It always stuck in my mind,” he finally said.

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