Town hall wants to buy NSIA Tower for 14 billion with… NSIA money, rumor has it

The municipality loved by mayor Jacques Ehouo Gabriel took a seat and leaned on the starting block, with the goal of starting the race to buy the Tour de Nsia Banque located on the Plateau. And he whispers that the seller himself will lend money to the buyer to get this property located in the middle of the Plateau.

The explanations of Léonce Yacé, general manager of said bank, in an article published on Friday March 11, 2022, by online colleague,, updated information about the purchase of this Plateau town hall building.

“The management committee of our group has already approved the sale of Nsia Tower, as the construction of our new head office is almost complete. It must be said that this is a good management option, as the Plateau building will no longer serve us when we move to the new headquarters, ”said the CEO of this bank.

Selling the building is the best option according to the bank’s CEO

According to him, the sale of the building is the best option. “We didn’t choose to rent it because that’s not what we do. Selling it seems to us the best option. And I can assure you that it doesn’t hide poverty. It will be divested this financial year,” he explained. .

He took the opportunity to lift a corner of the veil on the sale price. “The sale price of the real estate asset is estimated at between 10 and 12 billion FCFA. “.

“Plateau town hall really had an interest in getting the current NSIA headquarters for sale”

To learn more about Plateau town hall’s determination to acquire the building, Linfodrome contacted town hall communications manager, Joël Agoli, who confirmed the intention to purchase. “All I can say is that Plateau town hall really took an interest in getting the current NSIA headquarters, which is for sale. It’s something officially done to the rules of art, ”he said, from the start.

Continuing, Agoli clarified that this decision was taken unanimously by the Municipal Council of the Plateau. “We went to the City Council. It is not an act that one person does. Whole municipalities, communities are involved because there was a municipal council and this purchase was unanimously approved by the members of the municipal council. This is, for us, to create a legacy for the town hall of the Plateau, ”he explains.

By the way, he indicated that the town hall asked for a loan to buy the building.

“In fact, we’re buying this building, taking out a loan to do it. Beyond the fact that there was a unanimous vote, when you showed interest in buying the property, there’s an expertise being done. And we asked for a second opinion. So we are waiting for this second opinion to say that really, everything happens according to the rules of art. And from that moment on, we will definitely talk in more detail about this story, “said Joël Agoli.

When asked if the loan would come from NSIA Bank, he stressed that “True. As I said earlier, this is a mechanism that is completely regular and legal and has been validated, I repeat, unanimously, by the Municipal Council of the Plateau ”.

Buying the building with NSIA Bank money raises rumors and questions

But the purchase of the NSIA headquarters with NSIA money that number 2 was a former town hall head, and that for 8 years, with all that it entails as interests, has sparked rumors and questions about the finances and frameworks of the transaction assembly. Some already see this as a crude scandal.

The infodrome awaits the moment where the Plateau town hall will “certainly talk in more detail on this story”, as the communications manager promised.

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