The LIO singer at worst and ruined, the shock confidences!

LIO, famous singer in the 80s, real name Vanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos, in the worst and most ruined detail.

The actors are passionate. They are comfortable in creation, but less in numbers. In fact, 80s star Lio has some money problems … We explain why!

On Thursday, March 24, singer Lio revealed that he is not doing well to the Gala journalists. In fact, without a filter, he explained that it was complicated on his financial side…

Lio, a nomadic actor forever

Lio or Wanda is a singer and actress of Portuguese descent.

At first she sang for fun, but a friend of her mother heard her and immediately believed in her talent.

According to him, he can be a big star. We can say he was not wrong!

She wrote him the song Banana Split and they did a house demo. They would offer it to record companies, but no one wanted to take a risk, except for one … And it was enough to say “yes” to release the title in 1979 and generate sales of a million copies. A huge success as you know. This was the beginning of Lio’s career, continuing to release singles.

Lio, the star of the 80s

We can quote some cult songs, including Amoureux Solitaires or Amicalement Vôtre. Lio will also sing Etienne Daho, Weekend in Rome. The pipes The brunettes didn’t count for the plums and the start of the Fallait pas were two great successes.

In addition to his artistic talent, he also has a strong character. So, he stands out wherever he goes and creates some controversy. For example, in 1987, when she appeared pregnant on the Olympia stage or when she took nude photos for Lui or Playboy magazines.

Unfortunately, in the 90s, luck changed and his albums were failures. But he pays for it by playing in some movies with great personalities like Belmondo in the Itinerary of a spoiled child, Michel Blanc or Jean Dujardin in the movie Weddings!

One thing is for sure, his career is rich and he has done many movies or television shows. On the side of his personal life, he has also never been idle.

Lio was blessed with six children from different fathers. Despite his long career, has he failed to manage his money?

A happy mother and grandmother

Even though Lio is in a delicate financial situation, he always maintains his optimism and his smile. Fortunately, she is surrounded by her children and has even been a grandmother before.

Here’s what she told Gala about her new role as a grandmother: “This baby, my son Igor’s son and [sa compagne] Pauline’s really fun! Right now, I’m wondering where I’ll get it … Maybe I’ll stick to what I am: a nomadic grandmother! he said happily.

Alas, someone says we can’t be happy everywhere. In fact, the 80s star changed her mood when the subject turned to her finances. Reluctantly Lio explained that he did not know how to manage his money. So he admits:

“I don’t live badly, but I live on a tight budget.” She also added, “I have no money. I don’t have to deal with any of this. When I have a good life, other people take care of it. I always live in a suitcase, I haven’t stayed in one place for more than three years. Today, I don’t have my own apartment, ”she admitted.


Lio is always busy with life

Lio always lives fully, without question. Now, he’s older and even asks himself a few questions than before: “I’m a nomad with all that implies, especially when you’re no longer 20, that’s probably why I feel fragile.

I have no anchor ”. She also states: “I am very worried … I am a worried woman”. Lio is constantly working and appearing on our screens. For example, you can find him on March 29 on the M6 ​​channel in the film He Saved Me where he plays a lawyer. Tell us your opinion!

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