Seraing: how much public money for Cristal Park?

Replacing Val-Saint-Lambert into a commercial center, the option emerged in 2008 with the Cristal Park to be built around the crystal works. A thousand jobs will be created. We talked about indoor ski slopes, swimming pools, hotels, shopping centers, Eco-Park Adventure, tree climbing, karting tracks, offices, homes … and more. On earth, none of these exist.

However, public money was spent on the project. How much? 17 million euros were lost to the mayor of Seraing in the municipal council on 29 November. 32 million strikes PTB Damien Robert on the same board. 30 million admitted to Pierre Grivegnée, managing director of Immoval (the company responsible for developing the project) in a note read at the last municipal council.

PTB group leader Damien Robert said he fought for a long time with the Seresian socialist majority to get these numbers. He is talking about omerta. On Nov. 29, when he asked about the total cost of the Cristal Park project, Mayor Bekaert replied: “most won’t answer the questions. Stop. Let us work. Let us finalize this file.”

Is the account good?

The figures – now official – were presented to the final municipal council. They have covered public spending and investment at the Val Saint-Lambert site since the 1990s, along with European funds allocated even before the Cristal Park project came into being. Here are those numbers.

1. Investments of the Feder Fund and Walloon Region excluding IMMOVAL for phase 1 of the renovation of the castle: € 6,116,000 (work by public call for tenders). Castle property of the City. [Ceci fait partie du projet touristique “Objectif 2” qui a précédé le Cristal Park ndlr.]

2. IMMOVAL public investment: € 9,973,045 including € 7,742,447 for works and procurement (finishing at the castle + Abbey), the balance is the operating costs and costs that allow the analysis of the various companies which the sub-units are located. projects, the “SPV” to be resold to private operators (value € 9,190,000).

3. SPAQUE investment in cleaning crystals: € 8,800,000. Classic polluted site rehabilitation operation to be resold to private operator when deposition and rehabilitation are completed.

4. OGEOFUND investment through bond issues with Valinvest: € 5,650,000 of which € 5,213,609 is used for acquisitions and employment. These funds will be returned when the partnership with the private operator is set up. They are fully guaranteed by the collateral taken on the land and buildings.

A total of 30,539,045 euros is now approaching the figure of Damien Robert… who is still not satisfied with it. According to its new calculations, the total amount of public money allocated to Cristal Park is now on the cusp of 40 million Euros for a project announced in 2008, which created the jobs of hundreds and looked more like an Arles woman. , the one. which we are talking about and not seeing happen.

Is everything too expensive? Is it too slow?

Was the money wasted? It was used to buy and renovate buildings defending Pierre Grivegnée. And in fact, videos are circulating showing the castle in 1996 in a horrible state. What you see in the building is carefully arranged. Alderman Laura Crapanzano confirmed the 30 million euros and also pointed out that 28 were used to buy and renovate buildings. He believes Damien Robert adds apples and pears.

Whether thirty or forty million, the truth is that Cristal Park does not exist yet … although it has been announced since 2008. And even though the castle, the abbey and the industrial halls have been rehabilitated, we are very far from the road -hundreds of jobs promised. Liberal opposition in the municipal council sees a project in disarray, losing credit after a series of failures and soon to collapse. Councilor Fabian Culot no longer believes in the outcome of the project because it has been on display for fifteen years. He called for a redefinition of the concept he wanted “on a human level”. Ecolo, through the voice of Paul Ancion, is calling for an independent audit of Immoval and its related structures.

Pierre Grivegnée submitted his resignation. He remains a shareholder (now a minority and not a direct shareholder) of Immoval, but he is no longer its managing director.

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