Recruitment: 50 startups to apply in 2022

Startups are attracting more students and young graduates. It must be said that they have wind in their sails and that the reproduction of unicorns is intriguing. Moreover, we consider that French Tech will allow the creation of 10,000 jobs in the coming years. Discover the 50 most anticipated hiring startups in 2022.

Startups are increasingly attracting young graduates from Grandes Ecoles and universities. In question? Their popularity and their media coverage, of course, but not only. In fact, various surveys, whether one conducted by Harris Interactive for the ranking of students ’favorite companies or by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, observe one fact: new generations are too helpful to working conditions.

The flexibility of hours, telecommuting, pleasant working environment, balance between professional life and personal life … Young graduates and students expect more from companies and start-ups up is willing to offer dream conditions.

50 startups that will apply in 2022: the elinoï methodology

Elinoï is a new generation recruitment firm. The young company includes large groups, such as Wavestone or Deliveroo, but also startups such as Payfit or Frichti. Created in 2017, elinoï claims to have brought together a community of 10,000 talent and allows users of the platform to join nearly 200 startups.

To achieve this top 50, elinoï focuses on young shoots preparing for the world after COVID, i.e., those more reliant on new ways of working. In introducing his white paper, elinoï mentioned: “ Teleworking, vision, flexibility, etc. There are so many concerns that have become major for talent as well as for companies. During the initial analysis, the pandemic actually deeply reversed the dimensions of priorities and standards and the notions of “best” and “better” were never reversed. »

Thus, the recruitment specialist selects only the startups that best meet the concerns of the new generations. ” This choice honored organizations that took this change in the paradigm of work seriously and took this new wave with flying colors. Because let’s not forget: if many companies have been hit hard, startups have fought the crisis we’re going through and many continue to take “.

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The 50 startups that will apply in 2022: Review

Not surprisingly, in its selection, elinoï highlighted the most promising startups that have made headlines, whether Lydia or Alan, two new unicorns, but also Doctolib or Cajoo. We have noticed the presence of a lot of FinTech that is evolving in an amazing way and also inspires the confidence of investors, as well as future employees. So we saw Sunday, the startup that specializes in restaurant payments, created by co-founder of the BigMamma group, or even Ledger, founded by Éric Larchevêque. The latter is in the news, as he is currently playing a flagship program of M6: Who Wants To Be My Partner?

Overall, elinoï featured startups that are experiencing strong growth and have a strong recruiting need to support their ambitions. The recruitment firm has however given great importance to covering a wide spectrum of activities and sizes of startups, to allow you to find the startup made for you! FashionTech, FoodTech, IT, logistics, SaaS … You will inevitably find your happiness thanks to choosing elinoï.

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What are the 50 startups that will apply in 2022?

Sector Get started Number of employees year of creation
AgriTech Farmitoo 55 2018
Ecommerce Choose 30 2016
EdTech bangcast 8 2019
EdTech Monday 85 2014
Fashion Tech pants 14 2014
Fashion Tech HiBeauty 5 2019
FinTech Equify 15 2018
FinTech Jump 10 2020
FinTech Ledger 230 2014
FinTech Lydia 120 2013
FinTech Monisnap 20 2017
FinTech shine 130 2017
FinTech Sorare 15 2018
FinTech Sunday 250 2021
FinTech Upflow 20 2018
FoodTech cajoo 60 2021
FoodTech chocolate 200 2018
FoodTech Quitoque 150 2015
Green Tech Sami 15 2020
Green Tech Spareka 45 2006
HealthTech Doctolib 1700 2013
HealthTech happytal 420 2013
HealthTech 20 2020
HealthTech Satelia 52 2017
HealthTech ZestMeUp 35 2015
HRTech Javelin 32 2015
HRTech Lucca 300 2002
HRTech Malt 250 2013
HRTech Payfit 660 2016
HRTech Skello 125 2016
real estate Nomad Homes 22 2019
InsurTech Alan 400 2016
InsurTech Stoic 5 2020
IT Armada 25 2019
IT Theodo 127 2009
Logistics MagicPallet 17 2019
Logistics Ovrsea 65 2017
MarTech batch 60 2014
Tingi Ankorstore 200 2019
Tingi The Keepers 10 2014
SaaS Eldo 62 2016
SaaS the empire 35 2018
SaaS Partoo 200 2014
SaaS Pigment 50 2019
SaaS RingOver 145 2005
SaaS Simplebo 60 2013
SocialTech Alphonse 11 2016
SportTech Bloom 10 2021
SportTech Class pass 400 2013
TravelTech Explore Project 23 2019

Find the full study on the elinoï website.

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