Otonohm is transforming the on-board energy market

Energy anywhere, anytime, that’s the credo of EuraTechnologies nugget, Otonohm. “The world will be all-electric and will require more and more energy in the coming years. However, despite this, there is currently a huge waste of energy. We had to find mobile energy solutions, very high performance solutions that were accessible to everyone. This is why we created Otonohm.Incubated at EuraTechnologies in 2017, the Lille start-up has come a long way since then.

Intended for all consumers or users of batteries, this multi-purpose battery, very compact and with a low carbon footprint, has many advantages, especially longer life and autonomy, fast operation. charge, but also a very simple supply chain. This solution, seen as a revolution in the energy market, was born from a simple observation: batteries currently sold in the market require energy conversion devices, i.e., chargers and converters.

However, this technologyremoves all power device upstream and downstream of the battery“Summarizes Nicolas Tchidemian, CEO and co-founder of Otonohm along with Christophe Piquemal and Elérig Escallot. In other words, the solution acts as a charger and converter and saves a lot of energy (20% compared to existing technologies).

Conquering players in the construction industry

Building professionals see a particular interest in this unique technology in the world. In fact, this new battery makes up for the lack of power supply in the field and represents a real alternative to generators. “We target large players interested in carbon footprint and energy conservation in the construction industry. Obviously in this field all the actors are concerned because the energy needs in the construction areas are enormous.», Suggests Nicolas Tchidemian. Otonohm also targets other activity sectors such as the cinema industry, events and mobility (boats, cars, motorcycles and scooters).

End of industrialization by 2022

Our development prospects are quite exciting because we have a unique technology in Europe and the tests conducted at CRITT
(Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, editor’s note)
gave us some nice surprises.“It will be industrialized by the end of 2022.”Our technology is like a piano, you need all the keys to play Mozart and we built the keys one by one. Nicolas Tchidemian slipped.

In the meantime, the Lille start-up relies on its French know-how to promote its solution around the world, specifically in North America, the Middle East and Europe. “Our technology does not stop at boundaries. Our strength in international contacts is that we are French. France is a country of engineers and research and one of the leaders in energy.While Otonohm currently employs a dozen people, the start-up has an ambitious recruitment plan. Four profiles will join the workforce in 2022.

By 2025, Otonohm sees, fully aligned with current energy transfer challenges, its technology “deployed around the world, serving key markets driven by leaders who want to have a competitive advantagemanager’s summary.

Christophe Piquemal, Nicolas Tchidemian and Elerig Escallot were at the head of Otonohm.

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