Optimize your business visibility on Google My Business

Whether you’re new or an expert in brand management, the visibility of your business on Google is important.

However, the constraints in terms of the budget allocated to digital marketing seem unclear to some business leaders. This is one of the reasons why they turn to free or cheaper ways to reduce costs.

But how to appear in the top Google searches without going through the creation of a website or through paid tools? Discover Google My Business! A great lever that can help the community manager or the owner of an SME optimize his company’s visibility on Google.

Ready to appear on the first page of Google searches? Follow the Leader…

Introduction to Google My Business

Google My Business is a “social network” that allows content to be posted regularly to Google. Among other things, you can publish an image with supporting text or even promote a product on it. It also allows hotel or restaurant owners to manage information about their brand, specifically Google products that appear in Google search or Google Maps.

From a validated Google My Business account, community managers or hotel managers can easily consult traffic statistics. They can also display and respond to Google reviews left by their customers, collect information about their customers or even make sure users get the latest information about their hotel and/or restaurants.

But Google My Business isn’t just for restaurants and hotels, it can also promote a small local business and/or company. Let’s find out below…

The power of Google My Business

According to Mounir Digital, Google My Business will give you the ability to do the following:

  • Your company looks in the first positions of search engines
  • Improving local SEO with the words “brand + city”
  • Increasing traffic to shops, restaurants, etc.
  • Simplified loyalty to Internet users thanks to Google Post
  • Multi-visibility support: Google Maps and various search engines
Source: Mounir Digital

Moreover, you can also make extraordinary updates during opening hours or set them in advance if you are on vacation.

To tell you that Google My Business is the perfect tool to accompany you throughout your marketing campaign. In fact, Google My Business can provide you with post types to inspire you in creating content. These will encourage your audience to visit your store.

In addition, if your customers take pictures of themselves in your store and then publish them on Google Post, your visibility on Google and on search engines will increase tenfold. You can also add a “call-to-action” to each publication. These can be any of the following to strengthen your web presence:

    • Phone number of your store and/or brand
    • Website (if you already have): you can place one of your links on social networks while waiting for the creation of the latter (ex: Facebook or Instagram)
    • “Buy” button if you have an online store
    • Order online
    • Learn more
    • Register

The last 4 buttons should be filled with links that allow direct access to the product in question. If you run a restaurant, for example, clicking “call” will allow your customer to contact the restaurant manager directly. Thus, the customer can request information or place a special order.

Despite all these advantages, Google My Business still has flaws …

The weak points of Google My Business

Regarding its shortcomings, Google My Business cannot prove itself if it is not properly configured. That is, a little knowledge of the matter is needed.

If the images are too large or too small, the posts will not display properly in Google Post. More importantly, there are two gray areas above and below each visual. To do this, be sure to resize your publications so that your message is as clear as possible.

In addition, the duration of your publication on Google My Business is approximately 7 days. You need to post new content regularly to keep your followers on Google. To find out, go to your Gmail inbox and check your notifications as often as possible.

But these weak points are not there to weaken you. If you want to go further with this tool, let’s explore…

Tips for a successful first step

To get started with Google My Business, here are the steps to follow:

Complete your registration form correctly: To do this, go to the official Google My Business website and register with your Gmail address.

Configure your information:

    • Opening hours,
    • Description of your business,
    • Phone number,
    • Website (optional),
    • Opening your sign,
    • Adding profile photo and cover photo,
    • possibility to add photos of the interior and exterior of your shop.

When these steps are completed, confirm the creation of your file using the phone number entered in your information. Usually, you will get a code via SMS that you must enter to validate your file. That’s it, your Google My Business account is up and running!

Also discover the “complete guide to Google My Business” at Tuto.com

Next, make your first Google Post. To help you, here is the information you should know about the latter:

  • Google Post: 720px x 540px
  • Size: PNG or JPEG
  • Cut: between 10 KB to 5 MB

For video posts:

  • Duration : up to 30 seconds
  • File size: up to 100 MB
  • Resolution: at least 720p

Post Google My Business

In case of problems, feel free to visit the “Google My Business Help” page.


In summary, Google My Business is full of possibilities to best boost your presence in search engines.

Just follow the tips mentioned above to optimize your sign for free. Moreover, it is a more innovative way compared to the yellow pages. It can also be taken advantage of to reach more targets…

And you, when do you register with Google My Business?

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