Neobrain facilitates the requalification of employees within their company


Neobrain is preparing. Two years after its 3 million euro seed, the startup is completing a 20 million euro fundraiser with Alter Equity, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, XAnge and Breega. He says, in passing, “the most important A series produced by a French HRtech” . Paul Courtaud, its founder, explained Madness that such operation was permitted by the good trajectory adopted by his company: – “80 key account customers used our platform to anticipate business developments and improve the skills and motivation of their employees. 300,000 employees benefited from it. » Over the past two years, Neobrain has also climbed, growing from about fifteen to about one hundred employees. There are so many indicators that attract startup investors, whose turnover is gravitating “Between 4 and 5 million euros” .

The context

This isn’t Paul Courtaud’s first entrepreneurial adventure. In 2013, she founded the startup Futurness, since acquired by media group L’Étudiant, to help young people find their way based on a Montessori -inspired pedagogy. An experience where he took care of the Neobrain project, which took place at the end of 2017 with the aim of putting the technology at the service of re -qualifications and internal mobility within companies. “I realize that some use the same titles to assign positions that however require different skills” , said the leader. An observation in which he intends to propose a solution to determine the capacities and appetites of a company’s employees, with the aim of facilitating their redeployment to positions at the needs stage of the latter. “While companies find it difficult to recruit, it is a question of combining supply and demand. It also makes it possible to offer employees a seamless career path.»


Neobrain connects its platform with its clients ’HR tools, allowing it to capture information such as job descriptions or employees’ professional experience. “People almost systematically forget to mention their most obvious skills, the ones they use on a daily basis. Our solution translates their background into skills » suggests Paul Courtaud, who mentions that by accessing the platform “Employee can submit his CV or link his profile to LinkedIn” . These elements are evaluated through feedback from its managers to determine “key aspects” . “Artificial intelligence then makes it possible to isolate the ten basic skills, but also to assess wisdom and motivation” , said the leader. What will the trades suggest adapted according to each other’s abilities and appetites. Training is offered to employees who need it, before taking up their position. Neobrain has signed partnerships in this direction with startup 360Learning, but also Talentsoft or SAP SuccessFactors.

Carmaker Renault, for example, used the HRtech solution when it wanted to halve the size of its IT teams. “Using our platform, we built bridges between several directions. So computer scientists have become consumers and IT engineers » rejoiced at Paul Courtaud, who taught that “60% of needs are finally met by internal mobility” . Thus, Neobrain measures results for each of its customers, to find the balance between their different needs and expectations in the context of product development. The young shoot makes sure it allows “reduce turnover by approximately 20 to 25%” .

What will this series A use?

Neobrain has no shortage of projects. The company intends to commit “40% of the amount raised to enrich its technology” through R&D. One approach it has applied since its inception: “Most of our employees have technical profiles. We have a small marketing team.» Although HRtech aims to double its workforce by the end of 2022, technical duties will be further strengthened as nearly half of the 100 recruitments announced should go to them. Neobrain will try especially to “reduce the time needed for study” before an employee actually takes a new position, using the still evolving concept of active learning.

Simulation in different situations should also be possible. “Promod, for example, will be interested in developing hypotheses for the redeployment of its employees over the next two or three years depending on the size of the e-commerce boom.” , describes Paul Courtaud. To encourage employees to work on their transversality, Neobrain will work on a key trend that has already proven itself in the United States: “gigs”. “It consists of trusting employees 20% of their working hours to carry out missions not listed in their job description” , explanation of the leader. Enough to try other jobs or promote the transfer of knowledge from senior profiles to young people. If no legal framework was defined in France at this time, Paul Courtaud said to himself “convinced” of practical interest.

These strategic pillars should allow Neobrain’s solution to impose itself on HR departments. “like power steering for airplane pilots” before him. In commercial matters, very few things have been announced other than “6 to 10 recruitment” . There is a reason for this: “We want to spread our successes, at the level of employees as well as HRDs” said the entrepreneur, confident “more bet on word-of-mouth than prospecting” . It is also in mind that Paul Courtaud took over the presidency of Cercle Humania, a think tank that organizes debates in which hundreds of HRDs participate. Enough for “keep in close contact with them and stay attentive to issues” judging anyone who takes a bet is the future of HR “will be based on a portfolio of skills rather than a fixed function” as has happened in a long time.

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