make Xbox controller your Android smartphone for Cloud Gaming

We love

  • Design and ergonomics
  • The finish and the materials used
  • Pretty good battery life
  • Compatibility with many games, even outside of Xbox Game Pass

We don’t want to

  • Hides the smartphone jack/USB connectors
  • No integrated jack port
  • The rear trigger is too strong


With its MG-X, Nacon confirms its status as a talented manufacturer when it comes to designing gaming peripherals. This controller for Android smartphones is generally of good quality, with a good overall design and a fairly good ergonomic design. The main downside is its triggers, which are too hard and not sensitive enough. But once this downside has melted away (and paid the slightly high bill), the MG-X offers all of its benefits to gamers, especially great compatibility with many games, whether they’re part of the Xbox Game Pass or not.

Credits: Galaxie Media – Yannick Guerrini

The constructor Nakonfamous for its peripherals and accessories aimed at gamers, it launched a few days ago MG-X, a controller for Android smartphones that lets you play in the best way possible and wherever the titles are available in Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate (but not only), thanks to its xCloud service. What will change the gaming experience offered by nomadic Cloud Gaming?

A smartphone controller dedicated to xCloud

Nacon specifically targeted its MG-X for games offered by Cloud Gaming with Microsoft sauce, explaining its design and features in Xbox colors. In practice, MG-X therefore incorporates the entire ecosystem play from Microsoft, which includes any Android smartphone, provided that it has a maximum screen size of 6.7 inches (approximately 15 cm), that it operates under Android 6 and at least and that they are Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy compatible. Because this is one of the features of this MG-X: it connects directly to the smartphone via Bluetooth instead of USB. The pairing, which is performed using a dedicated button, is very simple. For the record, we tried pairing this Razer Kishi competitor directly with an Xbox Series X to use it as an extra controller, and… it didn’t work.

The bottom of the Nacon MG-X
Credits: Galaxie Media – Yannick Guerrini

With dimensions of 185 x 94 mm for a reasonable thickness of 35 mm, the MG-X is relatively compact without being too small, makes it easier to handle. The position of the joysticks and the various buttons is quite different from that found on a classic Xbox controller, though the location remains the same in general.

The triggers of the Nacon MG-X
Credits: Galaxie Media – Yannick Guerrini

Note, however, that the joysticks are smaller (and perhaps a bit less accurate, though this is probably a matter of habit), and that the triggers are noticeably more difficult. This is also one of the few weak points of this MG-X compared to a normal Xbox controller and its progressive triggers. On the back, the textured grip greatly improves the grip of this controller.

Nacon MG-X: almost flawless

Equipped with a dedicated space to hold the smartphone in place and prevent it from slipping, the latter effectively stays so thanks to the rubbery material used, as well as the force provided by the maintenance system itself. We conducted several tests on different models of smartphones (One Plus 7, One Plus 8, One Plus Nord and even an old Huawei Mate 8), with or without a protective cover, and everyone found their comfort in the middle of the controller.

The Nacon MG-X
Credits: Galaxie Media – Yannick Guerrini

But it tends to hide the jack connector (or the USB port, if applicable) of these smartphones. It would be impossible to use a wired headset while playing, especially since the controller itself does not have a jack connector. The only solution remains to use a helmet or bluetooth headphonesalong with the possible latency problems we sometimes encounter.

The Nacon MG-X
Credits: Galaxie Media – Yannick Guerrini

In terms of compatibility, all of the Xbox Game Pass games we’ve tested work perfectly on the MG-X, as do some titles on GeForce Now, NVIDIA’s Cloud Gaming platform. Of course, no one tells us that all existing titles on the market will receive the MG-X, but our few tests will likely show that most games are compatible.

The Nacon MG-X bundle
Credits: Galaxie Media – Yannick Guerrini

The MG-X finally has a battery that offers it theoretical autonomy of 20 hours. In practice, instead it was 6 pm according to our tests, but this of course is highly dependent on the game (and somewhat on the player profile). In absolute terms, it remains a good value; the controller should not release without warning, in the middle of a competitive CRSED FOAD or Overwatch game. Includes a power cable, but no charger (which isn’t really a problem for this type of device).

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