LIVE | The war in Ukraine continues on the 32nd day

Russian and Ukrainian forces resumed their clashes on Ukrainian territory on Sunday for the 32nd day.

When the mayor of Kyiv announced on Saturday morning that there would be a curfew until Monday, he finally reversed his decision, allowing residents to move freely on Sunday during the day.

Here are all the developments of the day on the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

5:15 pm | Regime change in Russia is not ‘NATO goal’


Regime change in Russia is not “NATO’s goal” despite the invasion of Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told German public broadcaster ARD on Sunday.

4:09 pm | Several Russian businessmen have offered assistance to Ukraine, Zelensky said


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that several Russian businessmen had offered to donate money to help Ukraine, including supporting its army.

3:30 pm | Ukraine: Palestinian president criticizes Westerners’ “double standards”


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday pointed to the West’s “double standards,” quickly urging international law to impose sanctions on Russia that invaded Ukraine, but not on Israel for its “crimes” in the Palestinian Territories.

2:59 pm | The Russian soldier surrendered and sold his tank to Ukraine

A Russian soldier is said to have decided to surrender to Ukrainian forces, where he also gave up his tank, in exchange for 10,000 dollars.

2:28 pm | The question of “neutrality” of Ukraine is “studied deeply”

The question of Ukraine’s “neutrality”, one of the key points of negotiations with Russia to end the conflict, has been “studied in depth”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assured on Sunday in a media interview.

2:27 pm | In a few words, Biden blurred the message of a tour under the sign of unity

Declaring on Saturday, to everyone’s surprise, that Vladimir Putin “cannot stay in power” after his invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden blurred the message of his tour of Europe, intended to show the unity of the Allies in front of Russia and contains the conflict in Ukraine.


2:19 pm | Angry French executioners compared to Putine

When he called Vladimir Putin a “butcher,” US President Joe Biden probably had no idea he would provoke the discontent of a group of real executioners.

1:07 pm | From Montreal to Quebec, refugees are running for hope

GEN-March of 250km Mtl-Que against racism in Montreal.


Twelve young refugees began the race, Sunday morning, an ultramarathon of hope that spans more than 250 km, from Montreal to Quebec.

12:45 | Ukraine’s fears are growing in Mariupol and in the East

Kyiv fears the worsening situation in Mariupol and eastern Ukraine, following Moscow’s announcement on Friday of “concentrating its efforts on the liberation of Donbass”, a presidential adviser said on Sunday.

12:35 | France called for continued talks with Putin


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Sunday called for continued talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin until he realizes the ‘price to pay’ for his aggression on Israel. Ukraine and that he wants to negotiate.

11:55 am | A secession in Ukraine like Korea feared by an official



Russia may wish to establish a Korean-style separation with Ukraine, a Ukrainian Ministry of Defense official said on Sunday.

11:52 am | The NDP opposes increasing the defense budget to meet NATO targets

Photo: AFP

The NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, has indicated that his party will position itself against a possible increase in the defense budget to meet NATO standards, which he considers arbitrary.

11:32 am | New round of Russian-Ukrainian talks in Turkey



The Russian and Ukrainian delegations will meet in Turkey from Monday for a new round of face-to-face negotiations, David Arakhamia, one of the Ukrainian negotiators, announced on Sunday.

10:53 am | Mariupol theater bombing: almost impossible to draw a balance



More than 10 days after the bombing of the Mariupol theater, the fate of the hundreds of civilians who took refuge there is still unknown: false communications and the absence of local authorities made the mission almost impossible, an elected official explained to AFP. municipal officials from this port in south-eastern Ukraine besieged by Russian forces.

9:58 am | Ukrainian separatists could hold a referendum to join Russia

The separatist territory of Lugansk, whose independence is recognized by Moscow, could hold a referendum soon to join Russia, the head of the territory, Leonid Passechnik, said on Sunday.

9:40 am | Use of nuclear weapons: “it could lead us to an increase”

Countries that possess nuclear weapons are aware of the devastating consequences that can result from its use, so they are not tempted to deploy it despite threats.

8:23 am | More than 3.8 million refugees have fled Ukraine


More than 3.8 million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian army invaded on February 24, according to UN figures published on Sunday, but the flow of refugees has dramatically slowed since March 22..

7:59 am | Macron warned of the rise after Biden’s comments to Putin

Emmanuel Macron warned on Sunday against “increasing words and actions in Ukraine”, following statements by US president Joe Biden, who called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “butcher”.

7:44 am | Washington is not seeking regime change in Russia, Blinken said

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that Washington does not seek regime change in Russia, adding that the issue is “with the Russians”, to clarify statements made the previous day by US President Joe Biden.


7:01 am | IN PICTURES | Thousands of Pets Abandoned by Owners Flee to Ukraine

A wolf, a goat, owls, and of course dogs and cats: the “Home for Rescued Animals” in Lviv now welcomes all kinds of animals. All were abandoned by their employers who fled to Ukraine after the Russian invasion.



5:16 am | Luhansk separatists could hold a referendum to join Russia

The separatist territory of Lugansk, whose independence was recognized by Moscow, could hold a referendum to join Russia.

5:15 am | In Mykolaiv, the Russian noose seems to be loosening, the inhabitants regain hope

Staring for three weeks in her bed in the basement of a hospital in Mykolaiv that had been shot down by Russian artillery, Sofia, 13, still had metal shrapnel on her skull despite three surgeries, but kept her intact smiles and dreams. the head: plays the guitar and becomes an artist.



5:00 am | The ICRC formally denies participation in the forced evacuation

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has formally denied that it facilitated the forced evacuation of Ukrainian civilians to Russia.

4h21 | Germany plans to acquire an anti-missile shield

The German government, convinced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to invest heavily in defense, is considering acquiring an Israeli anti-missile protection system, the daily Bild said on Sunday.

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