Impact, salary … The arguments of startups to attract talent

The article was originally published on November 8, 2021

If the atmosphere is good and warm between different startups lined up next to each other at the Web Summit, a major show for the European tech ecosystem, one topic puts them all in potential competition: the war of talents. This was confirmed by all the start-ups and scaleups in question: the market is very tight and we must redouble our efforts to attract the profiles we are looking for, such as developers, data scientists, or even salespeople. ” Lots of vacanciesexplanation by Lionel Raffin, Chief General Officer of GeoSat, at an event organized by French Tech on the sideline of the show, in Lisbon. I don’t know of any company that currently doesn’t have a problem hiring “.

The most obvious argument for attracting talent seems to be based on the salary offered by companies. To stay competitive in this war, some did not hesitate to raise salaries to stick to their recruitment plans. ” Some startups are coming into the Lyon ecosystem and recruiting in all directions thanks to salaries that are 30% higher than those in the market.describes Stéphanie Biron, co-founder and CEO of fintech Prismea. We talk a lot about that in the city and it makes a lot of businessmen howl “. And the numbers prove that this trend is right. According to the “Salary Budget Planning” report.published by Willis Towers Watson, tech companies predict a 2.6% increase in compensation in 2022.

Quality of life

But for companies that can’t match the salaries offered by the richest startups, other arguments are also being acted upon. ” We cannot resist the offers offered by GAFA and large tech companies, confession of Lionel Raffin. But there is a real argument in society and quality of life to be exploited in order to remain competitive “Prismea, for example, tries to attract profiles interested in the flexibility and benefits it offers.” Our teleworking policy is adapted to people who do not live in Lyon, allowing us, for example, to have real traction on tech profiles in the West of France. “, the entrepreneur is delighted, admitting that it is difficult to recruit to his Growth team,” because talent is centralized in Paris and remains difficult to align in terms of salaries “.

To attract marketing profiles, the startup gives its employees the possibility to keep freelance contracts along with their Prismea activity. ” Our argument for attracting talent is based on the culture, trust, independence and autonomy of employees.summarizes Stéphanie Biron. The approach of employees to work has changed, young people no longer like the model of our parents, who are exploited by large groups, they want to have fun with what they do, well -being in the company and more demanding than previous generations. Meeting these requirements is an asset and strengthens employee commitment “.

For GreenTech and ClimateTech companies, there is no doubt that the nature of the project is a very strong vector of attraction. ” The topic of recruitment is not a concern for usExplain Thomas Norman Canguilhem, co-founder of EcoTree, in an interview given at Maddyness at the Web Summit. The nature of our company, which is dedicated, labeled B Corp, to a reforestation project, is an argument in itself to attract young talent. Our vision corresponds to the new generation, who want to go and work with us “. An argument shared by Caroline Sasia, director of communications at startup Innovafeed, which currently has 260 employees and 60 open positions:” The authenticity of the company’s initial strategy, which is part of our DNA – because the idea helped save the oceans by feeding fish to insects rather than to other fish – is a strong argument. , which is very useful to us “.

If this is not ecological for GeoSat, technical argument can also be used to attract the attention of young graduates. ” Our company takes advantage of enticing technologies, with specific machines that enthusiasts can’t use elsewhere. Our hardware and related missions are the absolute dream of the school geek “, Explained Lionel Raffin. The latter also promotes career opportunities and mobility that are also created within young tech employees: “ OOffering the possibility of changing jobs and conducting internal transfers is a good weapon to attract and fight against turnover. ». And the stakes are high because the 550 -employee company is looking for 80 engineers and technicians to strengthen its ranks.

The benefit of visibility

The fact remains that, through visibility, it is easier for some companies to recruit than others. Mirakl’s experience has proven that it has continued to swell in recent months. ” In my first scaleup interviews, they were 350, after 6 months spent with them, we were over 600, and, thanks to our latest fundraiser, Mirakl planned to take on 1,700 people within 3 years, including 350 developers “, explains Hugo Weber, director of communications and public affairs of scaleup.” The fact of being at the front of the stage definitely helps, because the more we see, the better we recruit ” , he admits. But, even within major French Tech companies, it is necessary to deploy other arguments to convince. “ We can’t be bothered by that. Therefore, we mobilize talent into an exciting and challenging project for our developers, according to the amount of data we gather. The idea is to attract a fun business venture with big impact, our raison d’être is to accompany distributors in the transformation towards an economy platform. “, Details Hugo Weber.

The topic is not yet finished with animating startups in the European ecosystem. According to the Numéum association, there is already a shortage of 10,000 IT engineers in the French market to meet the needs of businesses in the sector. However, this battle does not stop with continental SMEs and ETI only. GAFAs and their tricky financial arguments have the potential to win the day. Facebook aims to hire 10,000 people in Europe over five years.

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