Four recognized schools joined forces and gave birth to the Top French Hospitality and Tourism Schools association

Promoting French Hospitality and Tourism Touch and making it an international reference, as is the goal of the association of Top French Hospitality and Tourism Schools. It brings together 4 specialized schools delivering diplomas approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation: the Y SCHOOLS School of Tourism, Excelia Tourism School, FERRANDI Paris, the INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE.

4 recognized schools, 1 unique approach in favor of the attractiveness of the tourism and hotel sector

The COVID-19 crisis has had a strong impact on both the tourism and hospitality sectors, and on the training sector. The consequences and changes of these sectors are profound. Based on the academic recognition of its schools, the Top French Hospitality and Tourism Schools association wants to develop an ecosystem of co-construction of skills that strengthens the attractiveness of the tourism and hotel sector for the benefit of students, professionals and industry customers.

“Thanks to the association of member school practices, the ambition is to benefit from a broader expertise to meet the challenges of the tourism and hotel industry: to strengthen the attractiveness of the sector, to train the players in the future with change as a guide. and contribute to its transformation in society and the environment. »

Richard Ginioux, president of Top French Hospitality and Tourism Schools.

A core mission focused on international, pedagogy, research and attractiveness

This new ecosystem, which brings together specialized schools that issue diplomas approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, will make it possible to set up a mode of operation in a network of member school. It serves the following purposes:

  • Support the European and international development of member schools and be a referent interlocutor for regulatory authorities;
  • Guarantees an enhanced learning experience, through the development of alternative pedagogy, complementarities between schools;
  • Support research activities and forecast the evolution of professions, professional skills

of the sector and pedagogy,

  • Increase the visibility and attractiveness of professions and sectoral training for young people, parents and prescribers;
  • Develop professional and educational partnerships in the field of hospitality and tourism, both nationally and internationally.

To carry out these missions, the association is structured around 4 focus groups consisting of members of each school, professionals, institutional partners and students: Employability and business relations; Research and observatory; Enhanced student experience; International.

The first projects of the association

The priority projects of the Top French Hospitality and Tourism Schools association are:

  • Social openness and diversity in work study programs and scholarship programs;
  • The learning experience in the organization of the next edition of “Get Up 4 Tourism” (a challenge between schools for responsible and sustainable tourism), the setting up of study expeditions, summer school and courses in education between 4 schools;
  • Promoting the sector with career podcasts and setting up an observatory on the attractiveness of training and careers in between

About Y SCHOOLS School of Tourism

Launched over 15 years ago, in collaboration with professionals in the sector, the École Supérieure de Tourisme de Y SCHOOLS offers bac+3 and bac+5 that meet the requirements and needs of the sector. Installed on 3 campuses (Troyes, Paris and Metz), the school provides pedagogy based on a plurality of teaching, field and international experience. Since September 2021, the bac+3 from the Ecole Supérieure de Tourisme has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

About Excelia Tourism School

Created in 2005, Excelia Tourism School was one of the first Bac to Bac+5 tourism management schools to be integrated into a French higher education group (Excelia), located in La Rochelle, Tours and Orléans. Strongly rooted in its territory and international in scope, it consists of 4 programs: Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management which provides Bac+3 visa from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the MSc Destination Management, the MSc International Hospitality Management and the MSc International Tourism and Destination Management. It has nearly 600 students, a network of 3,000 graduates and a Tourism Management Institute (TMI) dedicated to research-action. Excelia Tourism School is the only school in France whose programs are certified by the World Tourism Organization (WTO, United Nations) through TedQual accreditation (Tourism Education Quality).


The Paul Bocuse Institute trains decision makers in the hospitality, catering and culinary arts professions. Over 30 years, it has developed a unique ecosystem of initial training, research and professional training. Today it welcomes 1,400 students of 72 nationalities, on 10 international campuses. From Bachelor to Doctorate, his teaching is based on an experiential pedagogy centered on project management, the manifestation of talents, the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Its international approach is based on an educational hub created with the best schools and universities in the world and its network of 4,500 alumni present in 80 countries. First private higher education institution in Hospitality and Catering recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation with four Bachelors in Management approved by the State, it is the only school in France with a starred restaurant training, a 5* hotel-school and a Research Center that, through its scientific work, contributes to the quality of teaching in a forward-looking perspective of the hospitality profession.

About FERRANDI Paris

FERRANDI Paris trains the elite of gastronomy and hotel management professionals, renewal actors, in France and abroad. Created over 100 years ago by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Ile-de-France region, its name is associated with several generations of chefs and entrepreneurs who have identified themselves through their culinary signature and their talent for of innovators. Recognized for deploying excellence everywhere, at all times, the school will develop a pedagogy focused on mastering the basics, the ability to change, the acquisition of management and entrepreneurial skills, as well as training in real situations. A space for discovery, inspiration and exchange where cuisine, management, art, science, technology and innovation come together, FERRANDI Paris brings together the biggest names in the sector on issues of renewal in the hotel industry and creativity in culinary. . A carrier of French know-how, member of the Interministerial Council for Tourism, the Strategic Committee of Atout France and the Conference of Excellence in Tourism Training, the school attracts students from around the world each year.

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