Domestika raises 110 million euros and arrives in France

With its 8 million members, the Domestic community is coming to France. Explanations on the ambitions of a Spanish startup turned unicorn.

Want to learn how to make concrete furniture or learn how to make a watercolor portrait?

Domestic must have an answer. Initially a forum for creative enthusiasts, the site now offers nearly 2,000 online courses. Born in Spain and boasting 8 million members, the startup just raised $ 110 million in Series D funding, achieving unicorn status worth $ 1.3 billion.

Who is Domestika and what are the ambitions of this new player in online training? Interview with the platform’s France manager, Karim Fadlallah.

  • How Domestika is a new offer for the French market?

We focus on creative learning and only offer courses related to creativity.

For us, learning is social in nature, in this sense, we have for each course a forum where students can interact with each other and with the speaker to ask questions, get of feedback, etc.

We also produce all of our content with strictly selected artists and professionals from each category, ensuring a narrative, educational and visual quality of each course.

What differentiates us from tutorials or masterclasses is our focus on practice and the application of knowledge by completing the final project for each course. Students are encouraged to post their final project at the end of each lesson to demonstrate their learning. In this sense, we are a training community, making Domestic an original model.

  • Why is Domestika interested in France?

France offers great potential because it is rich in many talents in various disciplines, for example 3D creation, illustration, crafts, design, etc. We have already signed contracts with over 100 French -speaking artists and professionals.

We have the ambition to be universal, launching our services in France is an opportunity to address the huge French -speaking market, beyond France, by producing content in French.

  • What offer would you offer in France?

We will build a basic French -speaking catalog that includes some specific themes covered in other languages ​​(ES, EN, FR, PT, IT, DE, NL, PL). However, over time we want to create more and more courses in the skills where France is leading and can also have global appeal.

  • Will you make your content in France or are the recordings centralized?

We already have studios in France, in Saint Ouen in the Paris region where we take all French courses.

  • What is your business model?

We have a transactional model, where members can purchase lessons individually or in packages of several lessons, but also a subscription formula, Domestic Plus, which provides access to cheaper lessons through the credit system. . However, we think the formula where members buy the course and have access to it for life is the most appropriate for our model. Our prices are affordable, starting at EUR 14.95 per lesson.

  • Do you have teams in France and plan to take a job?

We have already set up a team of approximately thirty people in France that will grow as our production increases.

  • How to recruit the community in France?

Today member recruitment is mainly done through digital marketing through platforms like Google or Facebook. We are also growing by word of mouth as the French -speaking community grows and we publish courses with recognized artists, specifically in France. This year, we will also be doing various collaborations with creativity actors to continue to reach an audience interested in the skills we propose and want to learn.

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