Crédit Agricole Center-France presents its results for 2021

The annual general meeting is the perfect opportunity to review the past financial year. Crédit Agricole Center France, through its president Chantal Debost and its new Managing Director Frédéric Baraut, is ready for use.

Chantal Debost, you have been the President of the mutual bank for a year but this is the first time, due to the health crisis, that we have met, can you introduce yourself?

Chantal Debost : “I am from Puydom in the Ambert region and I run a small business selling packaging products. I was elected administrator of my local mutual in 2008. In 2015 I was elected president of the local mutual of the Clermont Center and administrator of the regional mutual. I’m excited about my passion for mutualism. “

Frédéric Baraut, you are the new General Manager of CACF who was appointed two months ago, can you introduce yourself?

Frederic Baraut: “Before I was assigned to this position, I held the same position at the Crédit Agricole Center Ouest in Limoges, I was previously with the group in Lille, Saint Brieuc, overseas and in Paris. »

9 out of 10 farmers are in Crédit Agricole

FB: “As a reminder, we have joined two regions, the Auvergne without Haute-Loire, and with Creuse and Corrèze. With our network of 220 agencies and our 885,000 customers, we guarantee our leading position. We also have 5 mobile bank to ensure our presence in very rural areas: we are committed to it to suit all the needs of our customers … the 22,000 farms that our customers mean 9 out of 10 are Farmers are with Credit Agricole. We want to maintain the closeness of our advisers. »

PEL: “Did your advisers achieve autonomy?»

FB: »Our policy is to provide strong delegations in terms of credits but also on speed of response: 90% of decisions are made at the branch level. That’s what our customers are looking for, it’s the short-circuit bank ”

CDs: “Digital is at the service of the person, staying at the heart and close to the territory”

FB: “Some of our customers are 100% autonomous. We offer both fully autonomous and fully physical for those who prefer. It’s a human and digital mix, and also in video»

Equity three times higher than regulations.

FB: “Our equity is mainly used to finance projects in the region, they inspire confidence because they are three times higher than regulatory requirements.

In 2021 we chose to invest in supporting the economic recovery of our customers. »

A cooperative and mutual bank, a democratic operation more in keeping with its era.

CDs: “Administrators report to cash desks the opinions and questions of 380,000 members of Crédit Agricole Center France (which owns shares in the bank’s capital).

Our foundation is the first patron of the territory with one hundred projects supported for a total of 1,116,000 euros, in three sectors: culture, heritage and health with proper aging. We also supported 1,380 local life projects and many projects for inclusion, especially for the young people who are with Youzful, the young sportsman of APELS. A year full of projects. “

A steady turnover despite the difficulties

FB: “Our turnover is stable despite the very low interest rates. Unpaid bills from our customers have fallen significantly, and our net income has increased by 9% to 142 million euros.

Investments are invaluable, both in real estate including Salins headquarters and agencies, in digital: video to agencies, and also numerous recruitment with an accepted 700 people, including 117 employees on permanent contracts and 105 work -study »

We also have a major investment program for companies: Le Village of CA for start-ups, which benefits from emulating other start-ups.

PEL: “Where are you in the green credits? And in 2022? »

FB: “In 2022 we are mobilizing for all transitions. Energy transitions, for ourselves first. We support our customers in their transitions of” renewable energy “with green credits up to 400 million euros.

We participate in the Impulsion project both in terms of capital and financing: for example local hydrogen production.

We are also participating in the shift of economic sectors and in the shift of Internet consumption patterns. »

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