BigBlue raises $ 15 million to expand the experience solution after its worldwide purchase

Since 2018, the Parisian start-up has optimized the delivery of e-merchants. Thanks to this new rounding of funding, BigBlue specifically aims to recruit 100 people.

E-commerce giants have no monopoly on express delivery. Parisian company BigBlue, created in 2018, keeps this same promise thanks to an all-in-one solution intended to offer a seamless and personalized experience to e-merchants and, ultimately, to their customers. After the first seed round of 3 million euros in November 2020, BigBlue announced on March 25 series A fundraising of 15 billion dollars from Runa Capital, LPV and Samaipata, an existing investor. .

These two financings in nearly a year and a half are the result of strong commercial traction. “We have the opportunity to accelerate by further developing our product that embeds a lot of technology,” explains Tim Dumain, co-founder and CEO of BigBlue. Among the latest innovations, the Fast Tags program was launched at the end of 2021 with the ambition to ensure one -day delivery. Early e-merchant users noticed a 20 to 40 point increase in their conversion rate.

A DNVB orientation was presented

BigBlue currently has over 300 client brands that can benefit from many features such as shipping automation, transport optimization, personalization of the post-purchase experience (package packaging and shipping notifications). At the same time, the company operates a European network of warehouses and carriers and relies on artificial intelligence to guarantee the fastest and greenest delivery option for each package. BigBlue also has native integrations with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or PrestaShop, to facilitate the connection of merchants ’sales channels but also the shipping of stocks to the BigBlue network. “We are convinced that logistics as a whole involves linking technology to it, the CEO said. Consumer expectations are changing so much that it is no longer possible to meet them without technology.”

Overall, BigBlue addresses a broad market in terms of brand typology, where the fashion, cosmetic and food sectors are widely represented. “We choose to bet on efficient logistics through specific verticals and packaging consistent with brand values. Our solution is unique because of our positioning at DNVB”, explains the co-founder. BigBlue also includes more traditional brands, wishing to follow the path of DNVB, “the model that facilitates online sales” as Tim Dumain reminds us.

Living in Europe

Thanks to the latest round of funding, BigBlue, which currently has 70 employees, plans to recruit 100 people over the next 12 months in sales, marketing, operations, and more. More importantly, the start-up wants to accelerate its European expansion while the Madrid office is operational starting January. “We were able to meet international needs from the start, but we weren’t competitive with operations from France,” said Tim Dumain. Our operational efficiency went through connections to the APIs of local carriers and creating a local team. ” Thus, the company has partnered with Spain’s e-commerce ecosystem, such as Ritmo solution. In June, BigBlue will be available in England. “It’s one of the biggest markets in Europe, neck and neck in Germany. Many French brands are planning to export their products to England, so is BigBlue.” The start-up plans to expand to other parts of Europe next year. This European extension covers many issues such as one day low-carbon delivery to all of Western Europe and support for national brands to become European.

An environmentally responsible commitment

Since its creation, Bigblue has been committed to making logistics greener by helping brands move toward sustainability. A goal that is more relevant than ever as consumers become more environmentally sensitive. Thanks to BigBlue technology, transportation routes and truck filling have been optimized to reduce the carbon footprint by 25%. Parcels are delivered by cargo bikes and electric vehicles to major cities, all packaging is plastic-free and recycled, and its warehouses are Ecocert certified. “We are working hard on parcel optimization algorithms to have a positive impact on the planet,” concludes Tim Dumain.

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