Being a good boss, the best tool to attract employees

In the business world, there are companies that do not experience labor shortages. For them, recruitment is easy and CVs come in spades. They all have one thing in common: good bosses!

Every Friday on the show About your businessbroadcast on LCN, I have a chance to crown the boss of the week.

Every day, I receive applications from employees who want to thank their boss and introduce him or her throughout Quebec. It’s not nothing! And every week, when I surprise these extraordinary people, one thing strikes me: they have little or no problem recruiting employees. They are so popular that candidates are fighting for a position within their company.

A worthy trophy

Although many restaurants had to close due to a lack of employees, Sorel’s Tim Hortons did not stop serving customers. This winter, I presented the boss of the week trophy to owners Dany Grenier and Annick Richer. Their employees confirmed to me that recognition and consideration are core values ​​of their management, and it has made it possible to bring together a group of workers.

Dany Michaud, CEO of Voghel machinery dealership, lifted the trophy last week. Its employees received additional wages as compensation for the increase in fuel prices. Plus, they all have a trip to Disney for the whole family! A great way to say “thank you” after a pandemic trial marked by exceptional sales.

“A good manager should come out of his ivory tower, listen to his employees and understand their reality,” Mr. told me. Michaud. I can tell you, he was touched by the recognition of his employees.

The “Tree of Happiness”

I can’t ignore the big boss of Groupe STCH, an SME that provides logistics for the transportation of goods. In his professional card, Claude Hamel does not present himself as the “president” of the company, but as the “leader of happiness”. Lots to say! The comfort of its employees depends on the innovative workspace. His presence on the floor and his listening, every morning, makes a real difference for “his gang”. Result: as we present him with our boss of the week trophy, Claude handles the CVs of candidates who want to go and work for him!

There’s also 85-year-old Automobiles owner Robert, of Coaticook, who works 7 days a week and even helps his employees with oil changes; the Alphonse-Desjardins elementary school principal, Johanne Lapointe, and her teachers who struggled to work with her; or even Simon Potvin, of Généreux, a construction giant in Lanaudière, who solved many recruitment problems in his human management.

The secret of success

Notice to Quebec bosses: one of the best secrets to combating the labor shortage is to be a good boss, to be better than the leader in the competition. And it’s not just money that matters, it’s consideration as well.

I see it every week in the eyes of the employees who give the trophy to their boss … More than signing their salary, he is a motivator, a trustworthy, a leader, and a watchful one.

This is an obvious fact: Quebec lacks workers to fill all available positions.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. By 2028, economists and demographers expect 1.4 million job vacancies to be filled in all sectors.

Balance of power

At the same time, according to human resources firm Ceridian HCM, 84% of Canadians feel tired and fatigued at their jobs. In addition, 20% of workers are looking for a new job because they are no longer happy with their current environment.

This is a reality in North American, because in the United States, only 24% of employees feel that they are being considered by their boss. This is an observation that emerged from a Gallup poll published in mid-March and caused a stir among our neighbors to the south.

To paraphrase human resources expert Céline Morellon, the world of work is in turmoil, and soon, it will be human resources that will be “leading” companies.

Boss who don’t understand this can have a big recruiting problem, a company going down, and may be forced to leave the business.

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