A wonderful shared wool felting workshop in Gerde

Marc Decker has had a thousand lives and in each of them, he takes pride in tradition and sustainable development, especially in the midst of the small paradise where he lives in Gerde.

In another life, not far away, the man was mayor of the town and taught it during the positive energy territory for green growth and now he is keen on a product that is not too exploited. but abundant and accessible in the Pyrenees, wool. For several years, he knocked on every door and he had the opportunity to be “heard” by the regional council and its president, but he also received the support of many enthusiasts, like him, who participated in the subscription. which allowed Marc Decker to fulfill his dream of getting dedicated machines: “We wanted to set up a shared workshop for craft works around felt. In this area, open to all, small machine but performance allows those who want to do create unique pieces under the careful eye of the site manager, who is pleased to pass on his knowledge, in the purest tradition: “Here, this is an experimental place, I spend all day there but not alone, there are creators, breeders selling here. We exchange our ideas. ”In an annex of his house he works with stunning views of the Pyrenees and of the Pic du Midi, a stunning office:“ The aim is to show that wool is worth something and that it is useful for today’s needs. We work with wool from local breeds such as Lourdaise or Auroise. We have small machines and we are happy. If we listen to nature, it can teach us a lot. ”Consequently, it is to this end that Marc Decker serves as a guide for a day with people who, like him, have a genuine passion for this forgotten tradition., Sometimes is overused .: “Today, no one wants wool, discarded, sometimes burned which is another ecological disaster. We tell breeders that wool is useless when it is not true, it has many properties, as an insulator in particular. However, products with questionable quality were imported from China, made in deplorable conditions but not expensive to produce. At night, when I take a rug, for example, it excites me, it’s great. ”In this workshop, he was able to demonstrate the full range of possibilities offered by this very affordable raw material. from a financial perspective: “I buy at a low price or they give me raw wool from animal shearing. It must first be washed in spring or rainwater, and soaked in a soup with secret ingredients, then it must be dried and at each stage, we sort. A local craft to be developed. We have no ambition to make money but to decompartmentalize and raise awareness. “

The ear of the mayor of Lourdes

Marc Decker is delighted to have found an interested interlocutor in the person of Thierry Lavit, mayor of Lourdes: “He got his municipal council to vote for the ‘Cité de la Laine’. He is trying to do something in this town and The link all found Bernadette Soubirous a shepherd. This relationship between Lourdes and wool is evident and I was happy to meet an elected official who listened and became interested in our project “. Today, the brand “Bergère de Lourdes” has been registered for a future partnership that promises to be fruitful in the city of Marian: “it makes sense”, says Marc Decker with pleasure.

At the moment, it is in his workshop that he invites those who wish to indulge in creating hats, bags, carpets and other items made of wool from the Pyrenees that they can bring with them because, here, there is no question about sales. or revenue, delivery and sharing just as, in a hot environment. There is no doubt that many candidates for wool felting will take advantage of this opportunity but will also listen wholeheartedly to the lovers of traditions in general and to Pyrenean traditions especially on a journey into the past to better prepare and organize the future.

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