why Elon Musk’s Master Plan 3 could change everything

The internet is in turmoil. Elon Musk has a plan. And not just a plan, a Master plan. Luckily for the rest of the planet, it’s not a plan to take over the world, but a strategy for his company, Tesla. And fortunately for observers, this is not the first time the strange boss has expressed such ambitions, but the third. Actually, before this Master Plan, Part 3, there are… two more. Each in their own way contributed to outlining Tesla’s goals in broad steps, or sometimes with devilish precision.

A Master Plan according to Elon, what is it?

If we need to be simple, the Master Plan can be translated into a compendium of great ideas. For Elon Musk, this is clearly a bit more complicated. Through communication, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX made the publication of his Master Plans an important stage in the history of Tesla.

Like the oracle of Delphi revealing God’s plans to the world, Elon Musk was able to make the announcement of the Master Plan as an event not only for Tesla, but for the entire automotive industry and beyond. To convince this, looking at the past is enough.

How previous Master Plans were counted

To gain some insight into the importance of the Master Plan in Tesla’s strategy, it may be helpful to review the predecessors of Master Plan 3 that are currently being developed. Always accessible, on the Tesla site, they are rich in instruction.
The first, announced in 2006, consists of four lines:

  • Build a sports car (which will definitely be expensive)
  • Use the money to create a more affordable sedan
  • Use this money to make a more affordable car, on a large scale
  • Become a solar energy supplier

More than fifteen years later, it is remarkable how these simple ideas came to life on paper:

Whether you admire Tesla or are rather skeptical about the quality of its cars, it is clear that the Master Plan was applied to the letter.

Master Plan, Part Two: underway or not yet done?

Ten years after these first predictions, on July 20, 2016, Elon Musk announced the second phase of his Master Plan.

It can also be summarized in four main points, although the Tesla founder finds it difficult to defend his point. In summary, the Master Plan, Part Two is:

  • Build super solar panels with an integrated storage system
  • Build electric vehicles to occupy all the essential parts
  • Developing autonomous driving that will be 10 times safer than manual driving
  • Allowing your car to make money for you when you are not using it

Six years later, the results were not as good as the first part of the plan, but four projects were initiated, some more advanced than others:

  • Solar panels: using Tesla Roof and Powerwall solutions, this goal can be considered accomplished.
  • At the vehicle level, the work is carried out. The Cybertruck, the Semi and the new Roadster are coming to enlarge the catalog, but there remains a major segment, the compacts that Tesla has yet to come close to. Although it is rumored that a Tesla Model 2 is in the boxes, it has not been officially unveiled.
  • Autonomous driving has made great progress in recent years, but FSD (Full Self Driving) is not yet at the expected level. Here, too, the work is carried out.
  • Make your car work: the Robotaxi project exists, but it is highly dependent on the development of autonomous driving. In other words, there is more to be done.

Against Master plan original, this Two hands is less accomplished – at least because it is based on heavy AI research. Only the first goal can be considered achieved, others are still being developed at Tesla. Admittedly, the time allotted is not the same. Ten years have passed between the first two plans. But the announcement of Master Plan 3 coming only six years after the second half. However, the announcement of a new Master plan while the past still continues, surprisingly.

What might Master Plan 3 contain?

This very laconic first tweet from Elon Musk says nothing about the content of this third part. However, the review of Master plan 1 and 2 help understand how important Tesla’s upcoming future announcements are. In addition, the Tesla boss as an animal present on Twitter, he provided some additional information in response to various comments from tweeters.

So far the Master plan was always just worried about Tesla. Even when he moved away from the vehicle, especially to address the topic of solar panels, Elon Musk’s approach has always been in the name of this company.
But the third part of the Plan could mark a break in this process. In fact, Elon Musk announced that his Master Plan would certainly concern Tesla, to allow the brand to reach a new critical dimension and hold its place against automotive giants that are increasingly becoming electric, but also as well as his other companies, specifically SpaceX and The Boring Company.
This will therefore be a first but not necessarily a surprise as Elon Musk has already said that he wants to use some SpaceX technologies in future Tesla models.
In this case, it’s rocket boosters adapted to the Roadster to give it lightning acceleration. ang Master Plan 3 as the basis for synergy between Elon Musk’s three major companies? Why not.

ang timing also raises questions. As we have seen, the second phase of the plan is underway, leading some observers to assert that the content of Master Plan 3 can be attributed to the difficulties currently faced, especially in terms of autonomous driving.

A review confirmed reference to artificial intelligence, in his tweet dated March 21, but also another Twitter post. In fact, a few days before his announcement, Elon Musk explained that improving FSD, the technology that ensures total car autonomy, would require, in addition to billions of dollars of investment, a better artificial intelligence. based specifically on neural networks, fed by data collected over billions of kilometers traveled.
It is therefore not surprising to see this point included in the purposes of a Master Plan 3. Even Elon Musk, whose company has already launched an attack on the Himalayas of this tech, seems to want “good luck”good luck, to those who take it – in this case, BMW.

The other major project that could incorporate such an approach is none other than the Tesla Bot, the humanoid robot by the sweet name of Optimus, which is already under study at Tesla.
The announcement of this project generated some skeptical reactions, though excited, but likely, due to the work already done on the robot (Tesla has already quantified the number of actuators that will be needed for each body part). , for example) that this is more of a goal note.

According to Electreka site that is generally knowledgeable about what Tesla does, this is the most compelling rumor coming from the manufacturer, which coincides with Elon Musk’s last speech about the Bot:

In terms of product priority, I think by now the most important development we will make this year is the Optimus humanoid robot. “.

See also the video:

See also the video:

Again, we see a quick start of response and confirmation to one of the minimalist tweets that Elon Musk could easily give in response to comments.

In this case, in a tweet he wrote: “My guess is that Elon Musk will push Tesla to build a ‘very useful’ Tesla Bot, aka Optimus, to send to Mars in 2027, a launch window before his 2029 mission goal.”

To which Elon Musk simply replied: “2029”thus confirming the framework of the assumptions of the tweetos, and the truth of the purpose.

When will it be revealed?

This is inevitably the most important question: when will Elon Musk present the contents of Master Plan 3. And the likely answer is maybe only he knows.
Since the first and second parts are announced every hour in mid-summer (August 2, 2006 and July 20, 2016), it can be tempting to see a model there. After all, the Tesla boss is also known to be superstitious.

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