In Tinchebray, he robbed a pharmacy for money and bandages: prison closed

A man was just sentenced by the Argentan (Orne) court for robbery at a pharmacy in Tinchebray-Bocage in February 2022. Descriptive photo. © Thomas Martin

Four months in prison for a theft faithful to pharmacy of Tinchebray-Bocage. This is the verdict imposed on a 47-year-old resident of Saires-la-Verrerie (Orne) who appeared on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 before the Argentan Criminal Court in the so-called form of immediate appearance.

The window behind the broken pharmacy

On February 20, 2022 at 6:50 pm, the gendarmerie was notified of a theft committed by breaking into and entering the Tinchebray pharmacy. The pharmacist explained to the gendarmes that, that weekend, his pharmacy was on duty and that, on a visit to the reserve, he noticed that the rear window was broken ; Traces of weighing can also be seen on the side.

He also notices that hers cash drawer was opened without his knowledge and that, after calculation, € 271.38 in cash was missing. He filed a complaint and issued an invoice for repairs to the glass, valued at € 486.82.

Exploitation of the pharmacy’s video surveillance shows that the author was moving on his knees. We saw him open the cash drawers, also grabbed a box of dressings and put all his loot in a yellow bag sold at the pharmacy.

The intersection with the exploitation of video surveillance installed in the streets of Tinchebray makes it possible to identify a man whose dress matches all aspects of the author. Known to the justice services for several thefts, he was quickly identified and arrested.

He is building a house

Benefiting from house arrest under electronic surveillance for theft, he denies the facts and tries to drown the fish by sending investigators a pile of checks before they are finally identified. The judge of liberty and detention will order his placement in pre-trial detention.

This 47-year-old man has a relationship and is the father of four children. He and his wife worked for many years and they are building their house. However, his criminal record shows 27 mentions since 1999, including 19 convictions for theft and approximately twenty incarcerations.

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“The question that comes up is how to stop you,” the president commented. “We don’t understand: you are included in society”. Response from defendant: “I don’t know what went into me, I don’t know, maybe adrenaline, but I assure you I will never repeat it”.

“This person doesn’t offer us many solutions”

“At age 47, this man is continuing the same form of delinquency he started last century,” the public prosecutor continued. He recalls that at the time of the events, the defendant was under the custody of an electronic bracelet, an arrangement obtained following a conviction for theft. “This person doesn’t offer us many solutions.”

He requires a sentence of ten months imprisonment, including five months combined with a probationary suspension for two years with obligation of custody and continued incarceration.

A need to act, violated

The defense admitted that he did not understand his client’s situation and the motivations for his acting. He was a father, he was working, like his wife. They are building a house together, so why? A need to act, violated. However, he asked the court to consider his situation and reduce the amount of sentence required.

The man will eventually be sentenced to eight months imprisonment, four of which will be suspended on probation for two years with obligations of care, compensation for victims and payment of amounts due to the treasury. The court also ordered his continued detention, returning him to the Maison d’Arrêt de Coulaines (Sarthe).

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