Immigration: Doublespeak of QS

Last Thursday, Radio-Canada informed us that Quebec solidaire had recruited lawyer Guillaume Cliche-Rivard as a candidate. He will run against Dominique Anglade. His entry into the scene sheds light on the position of qsists in immigration, the field of training of master Cliche-Rivard.

While it was riding on the leader of the opposition, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois took the opportunity to criticize the Liberals. The latter will be “big talkers, but small doers”, he told the SRC. However, they continue to raise the limits, to 52,000 annually. On a per capita basis, this represents almost two and a half times more immigrants than France and almost twice as many than the United States. While these two countries are not minorities the culture is threatened.

Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, for his part, puts forward limits of 60,000 to 100,000 foreigners living here each year. “The demands are overwhelming,” he pleads. So it’s clear that a final unity government will continue with the ever -increasing immigration … like Justin Trudeau. Ottawa expects to welcome 431,000 immigrants by 2022. This federal government policy, which controls approximately 40% of Quebec’s immigration limits, poses a risk for the French language, among others.

The idea of ​​the federations created a post-national country where the country of Quebec no longer existed. This was the exact approach of Lord Durham in 1839. It was to massively increase British immigration, outvote French Canadians and eventually assimilate them.

However, Québec solidaire (which engages in Canadian multiculturalism) responds to Ottawa’s intent in this regard. Let’s take an example. Even before the hood, François Legault decided in 2018 to reduce immigration. What did GND do then? He urged the feds to “ignore calls from the CAQ government to cooperate [avec Ottawa] to reduce the number of immigrants from 52,000 to 40,000. The feds were therefore invited to override the will of the Quebec government, which is in violation of two immigration agreements ratified previously by René Lévesque and Robert Bourassa. According to the head of QS, this is what can be paid for Canada to remain “a world leader”.

But what is the importance of Quebec’s autonomy and the preservation of our culture? According to Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, the real issue is instead to “change the perception given to the population on immigration … The image should be more positive”. Let’s translate. Because people are stupid and unwilling to understand, they must be educated by the elites. The last thing to do is to give him a voice in this matter. This is why elected officials should abdicate their responsibility in this matter. According to Cliche-Rivard, we should “remove this political debate” and entrust it to “experts”. It is fascinating that a lawyer (who makes a profit by helping immigrants settle here) advocates, without the slightest embarrassment, to confiscate the democratic debate!

Listening to Master Cliche-Rivard, everyone will benefit more and more immigrants. Is it really like this? Take the example of the workers downstairs. Immigration often has a negative impact on their salary. Instead of paying employees better, employers are more profitable to take cheaper immigrant labor. That’s why employers are always asking for more immigrants … like QS!

The arrival of migrants also has a direct impact on housing prices. More people want to live. Demand is rising and supply can no longer keep up. Results: the cost of rent explodes. This is great for owners, who earn more income. It’s catastrophic for low -income families and individuals, who are squeezing the throat.

These are the so -called solidaries, hypocrites who hold double talk. While presenting themselves as champions of the poor, they help the rich get rich and the poor get poorer. While claiming to be separatists, they support the federations to weaken the foundations of our national existence.

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