[EN DIRECT] 32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

Russian and Ukrainian forces resumed their clashes on Ukrainian territory on Sunday for a 32at day.

When the mayor of Kyiv announced on Saturday morning that there would be a curfew until Monday, he finally reversed his decision, allowing residents to move freely on Sunday during the day.

Here are the latest developments, every minute

4:15 pm | Several Russian businessmen have offered assistance to Ukraine, Zelensky said

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that several Russian businessmen had offered to donate money to help Ukraine, including supporting its army.

3:08 pm | The Russian soldier surrendered and sold his tank to Ukraine

2:33 pm | The question of “neutrality” of Ukraine is “studied deeply”

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

The question of Ukraine’s “neutrality”, one of the key points of negotiations with Russia to end the conflict, has been “studied in depth”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assured on Sunday in a media interview.

2:22 pm | Compared to Putin, the French butchers were angry with Biden

Calling Vladimir Putin a “butcher”, American president Joe Biden has attracted the discontent of a group of real butchers.

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

Artisan butchers in Tarn, a department in southern France, called the U.S. president’s statement “intolerable” and “insulting”, French media outlet La Dépêche du Midi reported.

12:09 | Separation in Ukraine like Korea is feared by an official

Russia may wish to establish a Korean-style separation with Ukraine, a Ukrainian Ministry of Defense official said on Sunday.

“After failing to take Kyiv and overthrow the Ukrainian government [le président russe Vladimir]Putin has changed the operational orientation “, focusing on the” south and east “of the country, estimated on Facebook Kyrylo Boudanov, head of military intelligence.

12:00 | Ukraine’s fears are growing in Mariupol and in the East

The capital fears the worsening situation in Mariupol and eastern Ukraine, following Moscow’s announcement on Friday of “concentration of its efforts on the liberation of Donbass”, declared on Sunday as an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency.

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

Russia’s statement could lead to a “worsening” of the situation around Mariupol, a strategic port in the southeast of the country that has been under siege since the end of February, and across the Donbass mining basin, Oleksiï Arestovych said. in a video message posted on the presidency’s Telegram account.

11:50 am | New round of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations at the beginning of the week

Russian and Ukrainian delegations will meet in Turkey from Monday to Wednesday for a new round of face-to-face negotiations, one of the Ukrainian negotiators David Arakhamia announced on Sunday.

11:47 am | France called for continued talks with Putin

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Sunday called for continued talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin until he realizes the ‘price to pay’ for his aggression on Israel. Ukraine and that he wants to negotiate.

10:57 am | In Kharkiv, sand barricades to save the poet Shevchenko from the shell

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

How to protect its heritage from grapeshot: Ukraine’s second city, Kharkiv, which daily undergoes Russian bombings, began this weekend to build sand barricades in front of its most famous statues.

10:24 am | Check out the bombing at the Mariupol theater, an almost impossible mission, according to an elected official

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

More than 10 days after the bombing of the Mariupol theater, the fate of the hundreds of civilians who took refuge there is still unknown: false communications and the absence of local authorities made the mission almost impossible, an elected municipality explained to AFP of this port of southeastern Ukraine besieged by Russian forces.

09:40 | Luhansk separatists could hold a referendum to join Russia

The separatist territory of Lugansk, whose independence is recognized by Moscow, could hold a referendum soon to join Russia, the head of the territory, Leonid Passechnik, said on Sunday.

“I think, in the near future, a referendum will be held on the territory of the (self -proclaimed) republic of Lugansk, where the people will exercise their full constitutional right and express their opinion on joining the Russian Federation , “aniya. , cited by Russian agencies.

09:04 | Half of Ukrainians are willing to protest, the poll found

Nearly half of Ukrainians aged 18 to 55 say they are willing to participate directly in the fight against Russian aggression, according to a poll compiled by European researchers despite the barriers of war.

For men, this share rises to approximately 70%, while it is approximately 30% for women, according to this opinion poll, whose results were published by the Oslo Peace Research Institute ( Prio). in support of local pollster Info Sapiens.

07:57 | More than 3.8 million refugees, the pace of arrival is slower

More than 3.8 million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian army invaded on February 24, according to UN figures released on Sunday, but the flow of refugees has dramatically slowed since March 22..

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

In all, more than ten million people, more than a quarter of the population, have had to leave their homes either by crossing the border to seek refuge in neighboring countries or by seeking refuge elsewhere. in Ukraine.

07:42 | Macron called for de-escalation of words, rest in Mykolaiv

French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Sunday against “increasing words and actions” in Ukraine, a day after statements by his American counterpart Joe Biden about Vladimir Putin, whom he called a “butcher” .

“I will not use this kind of language because I continue to talk to President Putin,” said Mr. Macron, who requested that “the escalation of the wording of actions” be avoided in order to “stop the war Russia has launched in Ukraine without going to war. “.

07:40 | Pope Francis condemned Ukraine’s “martyrdom.”

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

Pope Francis on Sunday denounced Ukraine’s “martirdom” and Russia’s country’s “barbaric and sacrilegious” “aggression”.

0700 | Washington is not seeking regime change in Russia, Blinken said

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that Washington does not seek regime change in Russia, adding that the issue is “with the Russians”, to clarify statements made the previous day by US President Joe Biden.

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

In Warsaw on Saturday, President Biden compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to “an executioner” and said “he cannot stay in power.” Soon after, the White House clarified that it did not call for “regime change” in Russia.

06:43 | Macron will ‘not use’ Biden’s words, calling Putin a ‘butcher’

French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday he would “not use” the terms of American President Joe Biden, who called Vladimir Putin a “butcher,” believing that a man should not “rise or words or actions” in war in Ukraine.

READ | War in Ukraine: a “hero” with his super-basket

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

Armed with a valuable basket of groceries, a Quebecer has been back and forth on the border between Ukraine and Poland 10 hours a day since last Monday to help tired refugees carry their luggage.

05:15 | In Mykolaiv, the Russian noose seems to be loosening, the inhabitants regain hope

Staring for three weeks in her bed in the basement of a hospital in Mykolaiv that had been shot down by Russian artillery, Sofia, 13, still had metal shrapnel on her skull despite three surgeries, but kept her intact smiles and dreams. the head: plays the guitar and becomes an artist.

After the terrible weeks in which the Russian army tried in vain to blow up the locks of this city on the road to Odessa, the largest port in Ukraine, in recent days the threat seems to be receding. The front even retreated significantly, with a Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kherson, about 80 km to the southeast, the only major city where the Russian army has claimed total control.

05:00 | The ICRC formally denies participation in the forced evacuation

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has formally denied facilitating the forced evacuation of Ukrainian civilians to Russia.

READ | Transnistria, the pro-Russian country that does not exist

“The well -known capital Tiraspol welcomes you,” announces in Cyrillic a structure at the entrance to the city, while the Soviet buildings face the rear.

[EN DIRECT]    32nd day of the war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

The newspaper is not convinced to feel this acceptance. Foreign media representatives are viewed badly in Transnistria. Russian propaganda is everywhere.

04:21 | Germany plans to acquire an anti-missile shield

The German government, convinced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to invest heavily in defense, is considering acquiring an Israeli missile protection system, the daily Bild said on Sunday.

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