To end the health network

On Tuesday, Minister Christian Dubé will unveil his plan to “rediscover” Quebec’s health system. Good luck! The return of the Stanley Cup to Montreal, the overthrow of Poutine, the search for a parking spot on the Plateau are all more attainable goals.

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Quebec’s health system has been in turmoil since 1535, the year Jacques Cartier and his companions spent their first winter here: 100 out of 125 men were caught scurvy. Imagine, 80% of the population is affected. Large congestion in the emergency room. Especially since there is no emergency yet. As the future bridge said: “We have to build the ship in the middle of the crossing. “We didn’t make this delay.

Radio-Canada announced the key lines of the CAQ project: more staff in hospitals, better access to family doctors, more home care, better food in CHSLDs, and private participation, but must pay without beneficiary. In other words, it will be fine! The only thing left is to promise that the hospital gown will no longer show our cracked buttocks, and that everything will be fine in the best of all possible worlds.

Of course, the opposition parties have already torn down the 50 steps proposed to achieve these goals. Poor Minister Dubé, the announcement has not yet been made that the brick and the beacon have been thrown at him.

This task is not easy to deal with. It takes time to rotate a large ocean liner, especially when it is underwater.

The health problem is the sick one. Without patients, our health network would work wonderfully.

All the efforts of governments are always focused on the staff, on the doctors, on the nurses, on the attendants, on the administrators, whereas the problem is the patients.

Not only should we focus on sport, diet and prevention, but we also need incentives for people to be motivated to stay healthy.

What is the strongest motivation? The check! ang cash ! The PM knows this very well.

So we should give money to every person who moves away from the hospital system. If we can give almost all of $ 500 to fight inflation, we can give all of $ 500 to fight overcrowding. Not bidoux is lacking. Minister Dubé’s plan is worth $ 9 billion over five years. Nine billion! This is over 1000 piastre per pipe head. And only the sick benefit from it. Those who do good have no return on their investment.

Healthy diagnosis will solve that. Of course, we must not forget that our money gives us a check the State. It’s like a child’s Christmas presents to his parents. How cute. Excellent. But the parents paid for the gifts they received. It is easy for the donkey to be generous. It’s not his sorrel, it’s his old man! So all the rebates and candy of the leaders, it’s always coming from us. That said, the process makes its impact, because it’s money that we think is gone.

Let’s summarize my plan. The health network is like a collector’s item: the less you use it, the lower it costs you. Instead of fixing it, it should be set aside. By rewarding people who don’t use it, we will eliminate all the small discomfort that wastes time and money for the structure, and that causes it to always be on the brink of break up.

If an apple a day is avoided by the doctor, a check a year can do the same.

Surely even people in good health die. So eventually everyone is hospitalized, but if it expires, it’s a good deal, one dies at no cost. And in the long run.

After the Radio-Canada journalist revealed the content of his plan, Christian Dubé sent out this tweet: the first pouring is not a bottle. We have the right syrup for you for Tuesday! It looks like a puzzle of Padre Fouras. This indicates that our crying ears are not heard at all. That he has something new to teach us on Tuesday!

Perhaps it will be a question of check for non -beneficiaries?


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