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What is happening in Ukraine is horrific, unforgivable and unjust. I wanted to clarify this before getting into my somewhat historical subject and threatening to be criticized for trivializing horror. I’m just trying to remind you that understanding the following page sometimes requires revisiting the previous one.

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My peers at this time already knew when the world was divided into two great powers: the Eastern bloc, under the leadership of the Soviet Union, and the Western bloc, with the United States at the center. . The Cold War was in full swing, and each side was secretly producing weapons of mass suppression. This is how, in large part, we ended up with these nuclear arsenal capable of erasing us from the biosphere in case there was a major crisis. At that time, in every corner of the world, the Westerners and the Soviets were demonizing and fighting through foreign governments, popular uprisings, guerrilla revolutionaries and liberation movements.

The oldest remembers the political crisis in October 1962, when the world came within a hair of the extent of collapse in a third world war. America was furious when it discovered that the Soviets were trying to install missiles in Cuba. As the Monroe Doctrine would, there is no question about an enemy power that has established itself very close to the American continent. Doesn’t this theft remind us a bit of what Putin has been trying to say to the Western world since 2008 about the presence of NATO arsenal on Russia’s immediate borders?

Oddly, what was unacceptable in America in 1962 in the name of balance of power became a strange necessity when the Russians did.

To write off this inconsistency at the present time, it is also enough to think of the brutality with which, in the name of their internal security, the United States prevents Chinese company Huawei from approaching its 5G antennas from the territory. its. Not only do they reject them, but they also force their Western allies to do the same.

The fall of the Soviet enemy

But let’s go back to the old Cold War, which ended in a victory for the West. One day, the most powerful Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) collapsed, and Putin, the most nationalist, witnessed illness that day when President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned and transferred his power and the launch of nuclear missiles. from the Soviet bloc to Boris Yeltsin, who was president of the Russian Federation. The fall of the Soviet enemy shifted the balance towards the long period of hegemony of the Western world. The West can now unilaterally determine who deserves and who deserves flogging in order to return to the great blessings of liberal democracies. For the rest of the world, choosing the path of democratization has also become a way of displaying elegance. In the name of its once dogmatic promotion of democracy, the West, which has become the planetary police, will go to war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and so on.

Strangely, now that Europe is the scene of a terrible war, all these other military campaigns, which have also caused a lot of damage, are flying under the radar. Even raising them, as I do here, hurts people and takes them to barricades.

What Putin did in Ukraine was horrible, but what Bush did in the second war in Iraq was horrible. Unless, of course, you are a follower of selective anger and the hierarchy of suffering, as the president of America seems to do. On March 2, during his State of the Union address, we saw Joe Biden almost speaking about the invasion of Ukraine as a precedent since the end of the Cold War. I almost wanted to make myself a genius and go into his brain to tell him:

“You know, Mr. President, not too long ago, another crank named Bush invaded Iraq using military means beyond belief.

– No, the two situations are not comparable, Genie.

– They are not superimposable, but comparable in some respects. Vladimir fantasized about a denazification of Ukraine and he explained to the Russians that he was going on a special mission to rescue the Ukrainians, while America …

“I’m going to stop you, Genie. We did not go to rescue the Iraqis.

– Oh that’s it, we realize it! But remember the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam would use to kill his neighbors? The ones you invented to attack, but we didn’t find in the end? Sorry, my Joe, but it is through lies and propaganda that you have tried to convince the American opinion that this war is important.

“Why are you wasting this important moment in my political life, Genie?”

– I’ll let you continue, but first, one last question.

“All right, but hurry up. We live on TV!

-During this criminal invasion of Iraq, without UN approval, why did no Western country raise a finger to demand economic sanctions against America and the cowboy who ruled at the time?

“Go to the Republicans on the other side of the room. They invaded Iraq. But talk to them out loud, they’re probably going to be deaf here! Besides, if you stay in the room for the rest of my speech, you can understand why they want to get their hands on this country.Once I start talking about being green, they will pull out their violins, sing hydrocarbon praises and cry oil tears!

“I’m sorry your speech was a bit derailed, my Joe. I just want you to understand that, as my grandfather said, the thorn buried under one’s foot is easier to remove than the thorn buried in ours. Moreover, you may have forgotten – I was told that sometimes you lose pieces of it – but you also voted for the war in Iraq, my Joe. »

A two speed rage

Let’s be clear, what is happening in Ukraine is an unforgivable horror. What I am trying to denounce here is the two -speed rage of Western chancellery in the face of planetary tragedies, depending on where they take place.

Let me remind you that in this age when the Western world is the law and the planetary order, the boundary that separates good and evil people as well as democrats and dictators is just as loose.

Let’s say Western values ​​tend to get lost in thin air when business opportunities are highly profitable.

I think here of the selective demonization that explains that Nicolás Maduro and Venezuela deserve to be restrained economically, but that Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia could have a journalist cut off and wage a heinous war on Yemen without attracting too many problems. Money and juicy contracts, especially those for the sale of arms, have always erased images of horror in the memory of decision makers watching petrodollars. I also think of this inconsistency explaining that one day, the Iranian and Venezuelan regimes were pariahs, but the next day, when we tried to avoid the collateral damage of sanctions against Russia, we immediately sent delegation to rehabilitate Maduro and we weigh. to the accelerator of Iranian nuclear negotiations. Why? Certainly not because these regimes have changed. This is largely done to avoid popular dissatisfaction of American consumers with rising gas prices as the midterm elections approach.

Defend freedom without compromising with the enemies of freedom

When we value freedom and equality, we must defend them at all times. We cannot, on the one hand, rise up against the destiny reserved for women in Afghanistan and, on the other hand, accept that this discrimination can be done in Canada or in England in the name of its cultural relativism at the center of multiculturalism ideology. Democracy, freedom of expression and human rights are important achievements. We must defend them without compromising the enemies of freedom that offer us juicy business opportunities.

Unfortunately, by closing its eyes, accepting the unacceptable so as not to harm business or risk losing power, the Western world has resulted in the normalization of the dictatorship.

Since the end of the Cold War, hasn’t been blind to the autocratic excesses of the Beijing regime the only way to have good business in China? Once Beijing declared the threat to the economy, Western heads of state closed their trapdoor so as not to harm the sacred growth of the economy and, consequently, their re -election. Now, times have changed, China has a way to match its ambitions and here is its political system for good. The Beijing regime has become a powerful spokesman who parks in the sunshine to convince the rest of the world that its model is that of the future.

The popular vote to condemn the invasion of Ukraine at the UN General Assembly contained another important message that we did not take the time to decode. All that was reported so massive in the media was that 141 countries condemned the invasion, 5 opposed it and 38 others abstained. If studied in this way, a large majority of countries can effectively predict the invasion of Ukraine. But if we look at this result in terms of population representation, unfortunately more than half of humanity has refused to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. However, Reverend Desmond Tutu, a pillar of the struggle against apartheid, said: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the camp of the aggressor. It is a quiet picture of the new opposition to democracy.

French essayist Pierre Conesa finds a convincing formula to illustrate the importance of this vote. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, he said, half the planet has said to the Western world: “This war is yours, and we want to tell you that you are no longer the only international community.»

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