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GUEST BLOG. All the testimonials prove that Michel Louvain has an impressive and unwavering professionalism. A gentleman who left nothing indifferent when he met her. Always in righteousness and righteousness. Even controversial comedian Mike Ward praised it, recounting, in a podcast, a powerful personal experience he had with his mother’s favorite actress.

The interpreter of “La dame en bleu” is not only a charm singer, she is an unwavering role model and an example to be followed not only for the artistic community, but also in the business world.

Let the show…

In the era of “storytelling” and “self branding”, where the art of storytelling and self -marketing were among the new successful business practices, entrepreneurs are now also involved in show business. The famous show “In the eye of the dragon” is a very good example of this. The series informed the dragons that, overnight, they almost became real stars, even though some of these personalities in the business were previously unknown to the general public.

After their passage on the small screen, several dragons remained on stage by releasing the first book or by giving conferences. Others have even launched their own YouTube channels and podcast series. Former dragon François Lambert even found himself, recently, on the daily reality TV “Big Brother Celebrities”.

Social networks are important distribution channels through which show business is easy to do. They’re so popular because it’s not engaging to get the spotlight on them. Everything happens in a virtual universe. As a singer, you can woo your audience by publishing a variety of professional and personal content, at a pace that suits you. Many entrepreneurs actually steal the show. Some have even managed, in record time, to become true “superstars” on Instagram to an extent that, thanks to their high number of subscribers, the application rewards them by giving they have access to superstar features that only a few can enjoy. entitled.

To continue the show …

But when appearing almost in front of the spotlight, the look shouldn’t look any different from the flesh-and-blood reality. We often mistakenly believe that the important thing is to give a good “show” and that in order to do so, it becomes very tempting to present a biased fact in order to cultivate the love and interest of the viewers. . But this skill eventually threatens to fail the public and thus builds short -term popularity.

Those who have interacted with Michel Louvain in the world of show business have confirmed to the public that this man we saw on stage, with this kindness that came from him, this kindness, this admiration and this respect in the audience, was the exact same person backstage.

Once the curtain falls, he always goes out into the world to shake hands with them and he never leaves anyone behind. This is how he was able to create a real connection with the public. People knew he was extremely sincere on stage and that explains, in large part, the success of a company like his that, throughout his career, has built sold-out concert halls to the very end. .

The melody should make the song

Any good entrepreneur has a responsibility to highlight and promote his business, he is the main actor. But when you decide to perform actively in the business world of entrepreneurial show, the important thing is not to put on a good virtual show, but make sure you also give real, flesh and bone.

For the show to continue, the wind must make the song. And in this regard, Michel Louvain is an unfailing model who has proven himself, because his audience has been loyal to him to the end.

Great habits!

Thank you all and rest in peace Mr Louvain.

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