Google is building a ‘next-gen’ sovereign cloud for Germany

Germany is re -launching the sovereign cloud adventure. Google has partnered with German company T-Systems to create a sovereign cloud for public and private sector organizations in Germany. The service will go live in mid -2022, Google management said.

The American giant is partnering with German IT services company T-Systems to provide a collectively managed sovereign cloud on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with key controls powered by T-Systems. “Together the two companies will evolve to build a broad range of next-generation sovereign cloud solutions and infrastructure,” T-Systems said. This Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will manage “controls and sovereignty measures, including encryption and identity management” at GCP, Google said.

“T-Systems will independently operate and control key components of the Google Cloud infrastructure for T-Systems sovereign cloud customers in Germany,” Google said. Support and engineering activities that require physical or virtual access to facilities in Germany will be handled by T-Systems and Google Cloud, according to T-Systems. The bundle will help customers comply with standards such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Google and T-Systems tout the EU.

As a reminder, many experts are concerned about the retention of sensitive data in Europe in data centers owned by American companies, due to the Cloud Act (for Clarification of the Law on Data Use abroad) , where the authorities allowed the Americans to solicit American suppliers. to give them access to the information held on their servers, even if this data is located abroad.

Google will relaunch on the Old Continent

To restore its image on the Old Continent, Google recently announced its intention to allocate 1 billion euros to cloud infrastructure over 10 years in Germany. The American giant has announced a new Google Cloud region in Berlin-Brandenburg, as well as the soon-to-be-completed expansion of its cloud region in Frankfurt, which will go live in 2022. ‘Germany,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. And remember that “privacy, security and data control are essential for European and German organizations digitizing their operations.”

“The sovereign cloud solution we developed in partnership with T-Systems will give public and private sector organizations an additional layer of technical and operational measures and controls to ensure German customers meet their cloud requirements sovereignty. data, operations and software, “he added. As a reminder, Microsoft tried to market a similar offer in 2016, by operating two T-Systems data centers under Azure, and providing them with Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft employees can access the data centers, but only after the authorization of the “data trustee”, T-Systems. As Fortune recently reported, the German-only cloud is unfortunately more expensive, and the features available in the normal Azure offering are lagging behind, which led Microsoft to withdraw from that offer. in 2018. Recently, Microsoft promised to store and process most of its data within the EU by the end of 2022.

Alternative offers

In France as in Europe, many players are surfing the volunteerism of European authorities and the emergence of an awareness of the value of data to offer the sovereign cloud, within the framework of the Gaia-X project. In France, Jaguar Network and Scality notably launched a sovereign cloud offer called Atlas Object Storage in early April. This new S3 service offering, which connects object storage to multidatacenter security, has the stated goal for its promoters to “democratize to as many people as possible a solution available to date for large groups or large storage volumes. “

What will “position itself as a storage solution for files hosted in the most secure sovereign datacenters”, suggests the directions of Jaguar Network and Scality. Data will be hosted in three data centers spread across the Paris-Lyon-Marseille axis to ensure customers of this offer have end-to-end availability of their data, based on doubling their data in separate this site. .

On the security side, the data will be hosted in a hybrid cloud environment-provided via VPN and SD-WAN-and there will be enhanced protection against ransomware through the invariability of object storage. “This partnership between Scality and Jaguar Network is part of a strategy to enrich the cloud offer in France to meet the very capacitive needs of local businesses”, said side B to B subsidiary of Iliad and Scality.


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