Business in tandem-Business opportunities between Tel-Aviv and Montreal companies

The Business in Tandem initiative in a nutshell

The Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Montreal, presents “Business in tandem”. This initiative aims to promote intermetropolitan trade through virtual conferences and B2B conferences featuring experts and companies doing business in target markets.

Why participate in the Tandem Business initiative between Tel-Aviv and Montreal?

Virtual Conference

Join us on May 26 for a 1.5 hour virtual event will provide flooring to experts on deep technology (high technology) from Tel-Aviv and Montreal. During the webinar, experts will present business opportunities at deep technology of their respective cities to companies from other metropolis. They will specifically discuss start-ups in the hypergrowth stage, referred to as “scale-ups” in deep technology. They will also emphasize the importance of building strategic alliances, given the current context.

Course of activity

Event Length: 90 minute program followed by an optional 30 minute networking session

animator : Alexandra Maier, Senior Director of Communications, Bonjour Startup Montréal

9:00 am (Montreal)/4: 00 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Welcome and welcome representatives from Montreal and Tel-Aviv (5 minutes)

  • Véronique Doucet, Director of the Economic Development Department, City of Montreal
  • Sharon Lande-Fischer, Managing Director, Tel Aviv Global

9:05 am (Montreal)/4: 05 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Security industry overview deep technology in Montreal (20 minutes)

  • Alan Balki, Director, Foreign Investments – Northern Europe, Montreal International
  • Richard Chenier, CEO, Centech

9:25 am (Montreal)/4: 25 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Security industry overview deep technology to Tel Aviv (20 minutes)

  • Michal Michaeli, Director of International Economic Development, Tel Aviv Global & Tourism
  • Inbal Arieli, Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Tech Influencer, Founder of Synthesis

9:45 am (Montreal)/4:45 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Overview of business culture in both cities (15 minutes)

  • Anat Katz, Minister of Commercial Affairs – United States and Canada, Consulate General of Israel in New York

10:00 am (Montreal)/5: 00 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Panel of companies operating in Montreal and Israel

Facilitator: Professor Dafna Kariv, Head of the Dual Program in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship


  • Nir Agiv, head of TD Innovation Center, Ltd. in Tel-Aviv
  • Dr. Abdo Shabah, Founder, Humanitas

10:20 am (Montreal)/5:20 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Question time

10:28 am (Montreal)/5: 28 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Closing remarks

  • Paul Hirschson, Consul General of Israel for Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces

10:30 am (Montreal)/5: 30 pm (Tel-Aviv)-Networking session (optional)
11:00 am (Montreal)/6: 00 pm (Tel-Aviv)-End of networking session and event

Sign up

B2B meetings are optional

To maximize the benefits, we offer the organization of virtual B2B business meetings with potential customers or partners from Tel-Aviv, the invited metropolis, which will take place at a later date. The number of places is limited to 10 companies (two appointments per SME).

This initiative will allow you to:

  • Understand the business context in Tel-Aviv and Montreal;
  • Discover short and medium business opportunities in deep technology in these two cities;
  • Understand how to rise above the crisis through cooperation and partnership and the importance of strategic alliances to pursue your business around the world;
  • Benefit from advice from experts and companies active in Tel-Aviv and Montreal.

Who is this event for?

  • To Montreal and Quebec exporting companies in the field of technology;
  • To companies in Tel-Aviv and Israel that export in the field of technologies.

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