A 1.8 billion euro plan for the French Cloud

French and European recovery plans will contribute to the support of this sector which is crucial to the competitiveness of the economy.

France wants to stay in the Cloud race. For this, the government announced on Tuesday afternoon, on the Parisian premises of OVHCloud, the third phase of its national strategy for the cloud that will mobilize 1.8 billion euros of investment over four years. These funds are intended to support French players in the sector to enhance their offerings, allow them to reach critical size and develop breakthrough technologies. “Cloud and more specifically data control is at the heart of everyone. It is impossible to build a digital economy without this componentinsisted Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transformation. In technology, nothing is fixed. Cards can be reshuffled in areas such as quantum computing or edge computingEdge is another way of building the cloud, with solutions that are physically closer to companies.

In detail, the plan includes 667 million euros in public funding, coming from the future investment program (PIA), 680 million euros in private funding and 444 million in funding in Europe, so a total of 1, 8 billion. An important support to strengthen a sector that is largely dominated by American players. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google have 69% of the European Cloud market while the big Europeans, OVHCloud and German Deutsche Telekom have 2%. “We want to bring out the European champions, and make sure that the data of our strategic players, whether company or administration, is not subject to America’s very intrusive law, the Cloud Act.“, added Cédric O.

If money is the roots of war, it is not the only lever on which Europe can rely in hope to weigh the cloud war. The legislative and regulatory environment is a heavy weapon. Faced with the American Cloud Act, which allows the government to request access to data stored by an actor dependent on its jurisdiction, Europeans are organizing themselves. “American players are trying to avoid European rules. They are spending tens of millions of euros on an influence strategy in Brussels so that the cloud is not included in the future Digital Markets Act (DMA) criticizes Michel Paulin, general manager of OVHCloud. gold, we are prepared, like Outscale, with innovative solutions, complying with French law and European code of conduct“. Good practices in the Cloud sector must be implemented quickly. France has only acquired a few tools in the field, with specifically the SecNum Cloud visa granted by Anssi (national agency for the security of information systems).

An ecosystem that does

Players in the sector, starting with major international groups, must also accept the terms of transparency, to know where the data is, how it is processed and put in place mechanisms to prevent customers from being blocked. de facto monopolies. It’s not about protectionism, it’s about making sure everyone acts according to the same rules, paying the same taxesadded Michel Paulin. It features the wealth of the French ecosystem, with the ability to offer alternatives to American solutions, in areas as advanced as artificial intelligence or cybersecurity, relying on companies such as Daitaiku, Tehtris (cybersecurity). To give them more visibility and above all to encourage businesses and the French administration to use them, the Ministry of the Economy plans to publish a directory on the Internet. But building a tech ecosystem takes time.

In fact, moving companies to the Cloud is a step not to be missed. “The faster companies move to the Cloud, the more competitive they will be“, added Cédric O. This change should be accompanied by the optimization of the use of industrial data, grouped in the so-called” data lake “.”Nearly 700 million euros will be allocated for the creation of these data spaces to develop players in the sectors. Banking, health, industry, agriculture, logistics are all concerned“, added the Secretary of State, quoting specifically on AgDataHub, for agriculture. The size of the data lake determines the power and appreciation of the data. Consumer -related is the strength of the American giants, in the industry, nothing is played“.

Relationships must also be established between companies, universities, research centers … 150 million euros will be invested in the field of research with the desire to develop cooperation. “It is also very important that students, doctoral students, can work on French platforms, it is a structural element for the rest of their professional life.“, added Cédric O.”How important it is to improve the salary of doctoral students. Training as a data scientist requires long, complex studies. It would be unfortunate if our talents went to finding funding for their study abroad.s “, added Michel Paulin.

An industrial policy has been played out for decades. Americans over the past thirty years have been more effective than we are. We will catch up and stay in the game. We do not give up on the fight“, added Cédric O.

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