What is lead generation?

Find out in this article what lead generation is for and how to best achieve it!

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What to remember about lead generation?

To succeed in your marketing strategy as a whole, lead generation should not be neglected. In order to set up an effective lead generation strategy, it remains necessary to turn to a process that is captivating, viral, but easy to understand. Want to know what to keep in mind about lead generation? Everything you need to know is in this article.

What is lead?

The lead often qualifies as a simple prospect. However, it turns out that is not the case. A lead is someone who has shown interest in the services or products offered by a company. It should be noted that the lead has not been the subject of any particular strategy before. However, you start collecting information about him. To do this, you can use a lead generation tool like kaspr that will allow you to find the contact details of your leads more easily. The lead is not yet a prospect or a customer.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is about bringing visitors to your sales funnel. To do this, you can use the levers available to get their attention. Additionally, you can encourage them to gradually give you the information needed to qualify a prospect and determine if they are ready to buy.

These techniques are important for salespeople. The latter can focus more on the hottest contacts and let others mature. In addition, you can track your leads to follow the activity of your prospects, to find out more, read the article: “Lead generation: tracking to generate quality leads”.

What are the steps to follow in lead generation?

To be effective, lead generation goes through four stages. Here we offer some details on this topic.

Use different communication channels

The method of communication available to companies to attract traffic to their website is not lacking. However, it is important to choose them properly for them to be effective. There are many possibilities: organization of events, emailing, webinars, blog articles, contests, advertising, etc. The goal is mainly to launch the same operation on different channels to optimize the weight and scope of the message sent. This technique will allow you to increase your popularity and encourage more prospects to approach you.

Note that 78% of salespeople rate emailing as the best lead generation tool. This is followed by event organization with 73% and content marketing with 67%.

Opt for a high quality form

When it comes to leads, it’s also about getting data. For this purpose, it is therefore necessary to get as much information as possible about your prospects. You can rank based on your lead scoring and send them personalized follow-up content. Remember that to achieve this, it is important to develop a captivating appearance. In order for your contact to leave their contact information, you need to give them something in return. It can be a white paper, exercises, new content, etc. Be sure to promote this form on your website and especially on your social networks. Note that the data collected needs to be integrated into a CRM or a marketing automation tool.

Study the submissions

To ensure the conversion of your leads into prospects, it is necessary to analyze the data collected. Determine if the generated contacts match the profile of your consumer persona. Check if you have an expected number of submissions. Also, find the communication channels that bring you the most leads.

To help you with this process, you can use Google Analytics. This tool allows you to track URLs and track conversions in real time.

Take tests

Sales teams take care of lead generation tasks on a daily basis. To succeed with the strategy as a whole, it is necessary to analyze all the campaigns. The goal is largely to continue on the same path for what works and to improve others.

You can use A/B Testing for this purpose, which is also very popular with marketers today. This method offers the possibility of testing calls to action, titles, visuals or even formats. These tests are used to determine which colors, expressions or placements generate the most conversions.

How can Kaspr help you generate leads?

As you know, Kaspr is a tool that lets you generate leads. It works thanks to a google chrome extension installed on your browser. After linking your LinkedIn account, Kaspr lets you get real-time contact information from your prospects through their LinkedIn profiles. Therefore, this tool is the best way to retrieve qualified information about your prospects in record time.


Getting leads is an important step in the development of a business. However, this method is not sufficient. It is necessary to go through some other steps to change a simple lead into a qualified lead and a customer. Lead generation is a process that should not be missed in a marketing strategy. To this end, Kaspr provides you with a team that is willing to assist you with your strategy. Feel free to contact them!

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