Two digital media experts joined forces to create Panorama Digital

Two former colleagues, Carolanne Lavoie-Pilon at Sophie Naertmerge forces to create Panorama-Digital. With a portfolio of Montreal, Quebec, American, European and Australian brands, these two well-ambitious experts stand out from traditional agencies by acting as their partners ’own web marketing departments. in business. Both left to themselves after a few years in an agency, have found themselves thanks to their passion and their common values.

Carol and I have the same perspective on things. The enthusiasm that drives us, the concern for the quality of work and the understanding of the business world lead us in the same direction. SMEs and entrepreneurs greatly appreciate that we support the fact that we surround them from A to Z in their projects. We don’t pretend to say we know how to do everything, but we are lucky that there are many specialists around us, each with their own expertise: website, advanced measurement, influence, design, SEO, PR. This allows us to deploy global strategies and not just “media”. We maintain an overview of projects and we make links in all fields to achieve business objectives “, citing Sophie Naert.

On the lookout for new innovations, open to the world and to many existing practices, Panorama-Digital also reflects the new generation of entrepreneurs in Quebec.

“We are building a ‘next generation’ business. We make it a point of honor to offer our team an environment conducive to personal development. Knowing full well the fact that our field is very demanding, we consider it important that our team members feel good, stay passionate and full. And who says employees are happy, says better performance! Our profession also allows us to work around the world, we want to take advantage of it to have an interest in what is being done elsewhere, to take the best practices from everywhere and above all to give ourselves a certain freedom to break the morose routine of recent years. », added Carolanne.

Two women at the head of a media agency, unusual

Carolanne at Sophia, these are two young women going into business. At age 30 and with a combined experience of 15 years, they are part of 6.6% of Quebec businesses that are 100% run by women. “We are very proud that we have reached where we are today. Panorama reflects the diversity of the world and we encourage all women to dare to start a business “, she explained. Carolanne. Their strength of personality and their commitment can be explained, among other things, by their non-traditional background.

That was in 2017 Sophie Naert coming to Montreal. Originally from Belgium and graduated with a master’s degree in Business Engineering from the Louvain School of Management, he began his career in Belgium specializing in business development for companies such as Microsoft, Hitachi and HP. Seeing the scale of digital arrival, he moved to Montreal to add a new string to his bow: the sphere of digital marketing. Very quickly, Sophie takes care of major e-commerce accounts and highlights her passion for numbers. After 4 years in an agency, he finally decided to stand on his own two feet and be alone.

Carolanne Lavoie-Pilon, meanwhile, completed his bachelor’s degree at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University and began his career at an agency in Montreal in 2015. Fast forward to head of consulting services for multiple accounts, he chose to pursue his career at Australia, where he joined the Co.gency Group where he will showcase his skills on accounts such as Asics Australia and ShaverShop. Because of this experience, he returned to Montreal in 2020 where he became the only Facebook Lead Trainer resource in Quebec to provide training on behalf of this social network giant.

“We want our company to be in our image, multicultural, dynamic and glowing. By combining our two worlds, working with partners from both sides of the ocean, we have achieved the perfect balance that allows us to combine our strengths and our beliefs. A real asset that nurtures us and trusts for the future, “he said.

Carolanne Lavoie-Pilon at Sophie Naert.

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