The start-up VidMob is based in Geneva

VidMob provides a turnkey solution for brands and marketers to optimize their ad design toward more effective and influential campaigns.

Technology, finance and media professionals Alex Collmer, Jason Donnel and Craig Coblenz started the company in 2014.

A global leader in platforms that use artificial intelligence for creative purposes, VidMob provides a turnkey solution for brands and marketers to optimize their ad design toward more effective and influential campaigns. A certified partner of the most important social platforms such as Meta, Google, Amazon and TikTok, VidMob’s innovative proposal has won over many large groups, leading to the international development of this company with a start-up spirit. After London and Dublin, it was in Geneva that VidMob settled to inaugurate its new offices, thus confirming its influence in Europe.

Why does one campaign work better than another? How do I increase the click-through rate on my creations for my e-commerce store? Is it better to embed a product in a packshot video or by using it? Which car color is most desirable? There are many questions, and VidMob is the platform to answer them.

Pioneer of an artificial intelligence tool that accurately measures the performance of advertising strategies, VidMob supports companies and improves their results by adapting their content to all formats, all code and all generation of Internet users.

“In a very short time, needs have changed significantly and advertisers now need to distribute and tailor their content so that it meets the codes of more different platforms. VidMob is the tool that allows you to adapt your creative idea so that it sounds best on each of the platforms ”, explains Anthony Lamy, Vice-President Europe.

VidMob is recognized as a Certified Creative Marketing Partner by all major digital platforms; including Meta, Pinterest, Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Amazon, TikTok, Hulu, Reddit. The platform makes smart creative decisions in various areas such as colors, logo placement, video length or view direction, which, when combined, can increase the impact of a post or a video. (the number of clicks, the number of people watching the full video, etc.). VidMob examines the impact of specific content such as objects, animals, habits or a person’s facial expression on a particular market, to drive sales and build customer loyalty. Pérenne, the platform, enables brands to optimize the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns in real time to guarantee continuous optimization of their performance indicators. It provides its clients with trends that work, connects brands with content creators and marketing analysts, and thus offers the possibility to maximize the effectiveness of ads through of good adaptation to different mediums. Bringing all stakeholders together in the creation process, VidMob puts its large network to the advantage of large international groups with extensive catalogs of products, to adapt and personalize their communication with different audiences and market.

Designed on a start-up model, VidMob makes the development of its employees one of its priorities. Regularly listed in the “Best Workplaces in the World”*, VidMob’s philosophy is based on trust, where employees choose where and how they work. The company provides many benefits such as unlimited paid vacation, free health coverage and stock options. In cultivating fairness and equal opportunity, women occupy 52% of the company’s workers worldwide. The environment is welcoming and fosters a culture of diversity, creativity and responsibility. Since 2018, VidMob has supported 85 nonprofit organizations through its VidMob Gives foundation. Today, the company relies on solid foundations and on a maturity gained through its development in the United States, where team numbers are no less than 300 people.


Now present in 12 megalopolises on 4 continents, VidMob is expanding its European influence towards the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and most recently, Switzerland, by inaugurating its offices in Geneva. This modern and innovative company invigorates the Geneva landscape by exploiting the region’s potential. The openness offered by Geneva, along with many multinational and global organizations, allows VidMob to build fruitful partnerships and associate itself with unique talent. The authenticity and beauty of the City of Calvin fits perfectly with the company’s benevolent philosophy. First Swiss pied-à-terre, this new head office will allow the American platform to continue its expansion by supporting European players in their marketing strategies. Vidmob is also recruiting for several positions, specifically in Geneva, Paris and London.

* VidMob was prominently named “Best Place to Work” in 2022 by the magazine Adage and “Best Workplace for 2020” by Inc.Magazine.

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