Sidaction: the artists continued their fight against the disease

Is Charlotte Valandrey a miracle? The actress, revealed to red kiss (1985) then in various detective series with large audiences (The Cordiers, judges and police, in particular) contracted HIV in the 1980s, the period of the entire media explosion. The solar actress, author of a new book (Reconcile with yourselfRobert Laffont) follows an effective treatment, now considers himself “a zero-harmless”.

Charlotte Valandrey, a brave leader

This state of mind shows the optimism and resilience of a woman in the face of the most painful trial, never considering this disease a shame. An independent woman in her choices and in her aspirations, Charlotte Valandrey was even one of the first actresses (the only ones?) To express her HIV status. “For me, it is important to talk about it. At that time, I have nothing to lose; I have been greatly reduced. I do not want anyone to speak nonsense about me. Otherwise, I have experienced it as a second death.»

“The result of more than 35 years of research, a vaccine is in the test phase. I remind you that the sinews of war is money. So you have to give, call 110.” PhotoArthur Delloye.

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leading cause of death among
women aged 15 to 49

The look at AIDS has, it seems, evolved and is no longer the same as this “shameful disease” of the 80s that some wanted to confine to the homosexual community. The new edition of Sidaction, on the theme of love, is there to remind us how epidemic it is still, even if the treatments work. “You need to get tested,” Charlotte Vallandrey insisted. Because AIDS is still killing, attacking again, anywhere in the world. Also in France and other European countries such as Ukraine, the most contaminated due to lack of a prevention program has been reduced to nothing in the war.

According to UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS), “7.7 million deaths could be attributed to AIDS between 2021 and 2030 worldwide”. Covid will harm screenings (-14% in France over 2 years), particularly in young people. 14% of new seropositives are related to people under 25 years of age, but also to those who are not yet young (22% of new seropositives in France are over 50). And women are not saved because the virus, according to experts, “remains the leading cause of death among women aged 15 to 49”.

Charlotte Valandrey, one of the first actresses to announce her contamination. Photo Marianne Rosenstiehl.

His reason being …

Contacted at the beginning of the epidemic, the artists multiplied the actions, such as on Saturday night in France 2 with many singers gathered on the theme of Celine Dion’s songs. Wearing the costume of the master of ceremonies, singer Vincent Nicolo wants to rhyme with entertainment and humanitarianism: “Every artist delivers a message. To win the AIDS war and pass things on to all generations, you also need to have fun. »
For the singer, who handles both opera and variety, the HIV cult song is His raison d’être, by Pascal Obispo. “He was very strong.” On the occasion of a night of diversity, in such a turbulent time, the singer was clear: “Of course we are emerging from a pandemic and war is at the gates of Europe, but we have not won in the war against AIDS. »

“A vaccine is in the testing phase”

However, there are reasons to look forward, according to him, in support of his exchange with doctors and researchers. “The result of more than 35 years of research, a vaccine is in the testing phase. I remind you that the roots of war are money. So you have to give, call 110. With the money, we help research. And research creates vaccines … that save lives. This is Sidaction’s message of hope. »

Typical theme of the evening, the theme of “Céline Dion and her 40 years of songs” will be rejected by Nolwenn Leroy, Isabelle Boulay, Chimène Badi, Jenifer, Hélène Ségara, … and of course Vincent Nicolo. “Céline Dion was one of the first to sing about pain through her title, Love still exists. »Vincent Nicolo will continue All to Myself“a title that brought me happiness”.

Sidaction both shines and its values ​​in sharing represented from the beginning by its pioneers, Line Renaud, who led, but also artists like Charlotte Valandrey, “both brave in her fight against disease and by saying it loud and clear. It was not easy at that time. »

Sidaction. 40 years of Celine Dion songs: the stars sing for Sidaction. Saturday March 26, in France 2, at 8:45 pm Presented by Vincent Nicolo. Sidaction: 110 (free telephone number).
Internet:; Mail: Sidaction-228, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, in Paris. SMS: to make a donation of € 5, text the word “DON” to 92 110 (cost of sending SMS for free or included in SMS packages.) Negotiate with yourself. Charlotte Valandrey (Robert Laffont). Price: € 19.

Olivier Bohin

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