professional certifications to enhance their availability

The benefits of cloud computing for businesses

As more and more organizations have on-premises infrastructure that can be complex to manage, cloud computing has become an indispensable asset for businesses, regardless of size or industry. ” Historically, cloud computing has been around for 40 to 50 years. If the private cloud already exists, the transition to the public cloud has been fueled by the arrival of major players such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google or OVH “, explains Cédric Gauthier.

More computing power and storage space thanks to the public cloud

While it is important to know the market offers, the services available and the issues associated with administrative regulations, the public cloud allows companies to use outsourced resources and optimize their utilization. ” They benefit from greater computing power and storage space, as well as faster access to services, which are not available locally, without the need to purchase hardware. The offer proposed by Microsoft Azure makes it possible, for example, to create virtual machines equipped with the equivalent of 416 processors and 20 Tera of Ram. ” For a similar installation at a company, you need to take a physical machine, order it, install it and configure it … Using the public cloud, within 10 minutes a mouse click, you access the requested resource. That’s the only difference. »

Scaling up to suit the needs of organizations

Among other advantages offered by the public cloud, companies will be able to adapt their usage according to the needs related to their activity by modifying their offer. “ Imagine you run a merchant site that sells toys. Usually, you will only need a little power to make your site work properly. But as the Christmas holidays approach, you can speed up your advertising campaigns and more customers will come to connect to your pages. If you have the same power throughout the year, with this massive influx, your customers will no longer be able to access your site and you will lose sales! To meet this need, you can ask your supplier to add electricity from September to January to ensure your activity during this period. »

The skills needed to work in the public cloud

On a comparable basis, professionals will require more skills to work in the public cloud than in places. ” Locally, profiles specialize in one type of resource: the network, the storage or the virtual machine. In the public cloud, professionals must master these 3 skills while having a global perspective on different application layers. While each cloud provider offers offers that provide access to specific services, it is also recommended to identify all market players in order to thrive in this different environment. ” Companies don’t necessarily choose to just go through an offer from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or even from another supplier, but they can also combine several to meet their needs. »

Software skills required to deploy a website

If there are no hardware level requirements that cloud experts will need, they should have software skills according to the company’s activity and the service to be deployed. ” Every service offered in the cloud requires logical and software skills, be it at the site level, virtual machines, containerization, big data, machine learning, etc. If you are deploying a website, for example, you will need development skills and you will need to know the network components that will allow clients to connect to your site. The Microsoft specialist trainer added that, in Azure, sites can be hosted on virtual machines, it is necessary to know how the operating systems work and how to add your site to the infrastructure provided by the publisher.

The advantage of professional certifications to promote availability

Get one of the certifications provided by the two major market players, such as the program AWS Training and Certification of Amazon or Microsoft, making it possible to prove its capabilities. According to the 2021 Global Knowledge report on IT salaries and skills, certifications allow digital professionals to be more valued in their organization or as part of the job search. ” It is not mandatory but cloud certification is clearly a plus in an application “, confirmation of the trainer.

You will need to pass one of the Microsoft certifications to obtain the credential, which is now valid for one year. Renewal is free and is done from your computer, by answering a series of 20 to 30 questions. Please note: if the title is not renewed within 6 months, you will need to take the certification again at an exam center. AWS certification is valid for 3 years. In addition, when you aim for training accompanied by its certification, you can start financing your project thanks to your personal training account.

Two complementary subscription offers to train in cloud computing

To meet the needs of companies, Global Knowledge offers two subscription offers for professionals who want to train and gain skills in IT, cloud, cybersecurity, etc.

With Polaris Discovery, you have access to a wide selection of Microsoft and AWS in-class remote training courses for 12 months, giving you time to calmly prepare your certification projects. You register for your training, which is delivered by a trainer in real time, and you access a virtual classroom at agreed dates and times. So you can exchange with the trainer and other students as if in a front-facing classroom. This device gives you the freedom to develop the training course of your choice by adding the most demanded training on the market.

You can complete your Polaris Accelerate program, which gives you access to digital resources (videos, training, mini-courses) through a 100% online subscription. You will be able to prepare for your certifications, take mock exams and get lots of advice. These two offers are complementary to help you succeed in your professional project.

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