Mary Kay Inc. Re -Commitment to Responsible and Sustainable Water Stewardship in the wake of World Water Day 2022

DALLAS, March 25, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Water is essential to life in all its forms and to the continued development of a healthy and sustainable future. According to the World Economic Forum, environmental risks and its impact on ecosystems and natural resources continue to present a major threat around the world.

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Richard R. Rogers (R3) Manufacturing/R & D Center in Lewisville, Texas, USA (Photo: Mary Kay Inc.)

On this year’s World Water Day, Mary Kay Inc. re -focused. in responsible and sustainable water management to ensure the continued availability of water as a valuable resource and meet the needs of the environment and communities around the world.

Water is central to Mary Kay’s sustainability strategy and plays an important role in its manufacturing processes. Implementing good water management principles is essential for Mary Kay to achieve its sustainability goals. We strive to ensure that the use of water for human and economic needs does not disrupt sustainable water cycles or cause ongoing damage to nature or biodiversity. Recent water -related efforts made at Mary Kay facilities:

  • Water consumption at Mary Kay-owned facilities in the United States decreased by 36% from 2012-2017.

  • At Mary Kay’s manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China, significant advances in water conservation include:

    • 34% reduction in potable water consumption, saving 913,480 gallons (approximately 3,457,900 liters) of potable water per year.

    • Reuse of waste water by reverse osmosis (RO): Water purification equipment produces large amounts of concentrated waste water during the conversion process. By collecting the concentrated water and passing it to the circulation system, the concentrated water will be reused in the fire tower and the air cooling tower system as an additional source of water.

    • Wastewater Treatment Upgrades: To mitigate the environmental impact of wastewater on its manufacturing processes, Mary Kay China has invested in an advanced Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process using existing infrastructure to enhance wastewater treatment capacity and reduce the amount of sludge poured by 40%.

“As a global advocate for sustainability, Mary Kay is committed to playing a vital role in the collective effort to not harm the environment and ensure prosperous communities and economies,” said Deborah Gibbins, Chief Operating Officer at Mary Kay Inc. “Mary Kay will continue to grow and will continue to work on its commitment to reduce water use in our manufacturing processes by 30% by 2030, compared to a 2020 baseline per kilogram of mass produced. Alliance acquisition will help us for Water Stewardship (AWS) Basic Certification for Mary Kay’s manufacturing facilities in the United States and China to be closer to our goals. »

Some key elements of Mary Kay’s Decade of Action:

  • The company is currently a signatory to the UN Ocean Principles and the CEO Water Mandate.

  • The company is continuing its 32-year partnership with The Nature Conservancy and supporting 11 global water projects by 2022 focusing on:

    • Global ocean protection to improve ocean health for nature and people;

    • Asia-Pacific shellfish reef restoration in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Coral Triangle and Cakaulevu Reef (also known as the Great Coral Sea);

    • Support for women leaders in the Pacific in Papua New Guinea (Women of the Mangrove Market) and Solomon Islands (Community Health and Stability);

    • Coastal Conservation and Restoration of the Gulf of Mexico Coast (Protecting the Gulf Coast Coastal Wetlands);

    • Improving Fisheries in Mexico (Improving Fisheries and Strengthening Communities); at

    • Collaboration with European partners supporting native oyster restoration projects in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

To learn more about Mary Kay’s commitment to sustainability, visit and download Mary Kay’s Global Sustainability Strategy, “Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” (Enriching Lives Today for Sustainable Tomorrows).

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